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Canada League of Legends Boost

Canadian League of Legends players are included in our service. We try to make our elo boosting service as accessible as possible for players all around the world. Besides that, we also try to give you the highest quality boost possible. We do that by for instance employing only the highest level boosters, who are all Master and Challenger tier LoL players. Even though they are hard to find, we believe in the highest standards possible, to make sure every elo boosting order is completed swiftly and efficiently.

On top of that, we offer a wide variety of boosting options. If you are looking for a duo queue boost to play side by side one of our talented boosters, that is one of the possibilities we offer. Check out all the options and pick your favorite one! No matter how high your goal is, we guarantee to complete it. If anything goes wrong during your League of Legends elo boost on our part, please contact us and let us know so we can refund your boost.
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