Everything You Need To Know About LoL Boosting in 2024

June 22, 2024

Ever curious about how League of Legends boosting works? Or maybe what the standards of LoL boosting are before making your first step into the higher ranks? We’re here to answer these questions and guide you through them. As we celebrate our 10 years of ranking up players like you, we’d like to share the knowledge that we’ve acquired over the decade.

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League of Legends Boosting Characteristics

Boosting Service Qualities

Inside League of Legends

LoL Account Security & Ethics

LoL Boosters Explained


League of Legends Boosting Characteristics

What is LoL Boosting?

LoL Boosting, also known as League of Legends boosting is a service by professional League of Legends players, called “boosters” who rank up the accounts in the ranked queue for a monetary exchange.

How does LoL boosting work?

LoL Boosting is simple, a player pays money to a booster, shares their account information, and the booster plays on the customer’s account until the agreed upon ranking has been reached.

What type of boosting services are there?

The most popular League of Legends boosting services are: division boosting, duo boosting, win boosting, duo win boosting, placement game boosting, bulk boosting.

Does LoL Boosting increase your ranked MMR?

If the LoL boost is big enough, it’s most likely that the ranked MMR system has detected your account winning a lot of games and will give it a MMR boost. This is useful because a higher MMR makes you lose less points per match, win more points per match, and if at risk of demotion, requires more losses in order to be demoted.

What’s the difference between Solo and Duo Boosting?

Solo Boosting is when a booster logs into your account and plays the games for you. Duo Boosting, on the other hand, allows you to play alongside a booster in ranked games. With Duo Boosting, you maintain control of your account at all times.

What win rate does LoL Placement Boosting guarantee?

Typically boosters are able to win majority of the games, meaning that a good service will provide a majority win rate guarantee, at least 65%+. In general boosting placement games in League of Legends is the most cost effective way of boosting, as the placement games reward the most rank push.

Can I choose a specific champion for the booster to play?

Most service allows you to choose a specific champion, but it often comes at a cost as not every player has mastery on the champion of your preference. This is why some service charge extra, and often times increase the time spent finding a suitable booster for you.

How long does boosting usually take?

A good booster typically ranks up at least 1 division per day or has at least 5 wins per day. This all varies, depending on the rank and time of the year. As an example, achieving a 100% win rate in bronze is very simple, but even the best player in the world might lose 30% of the games in Master within the last few days of the season.

How much does boosting usually cost?

The cost of boosting wholly depends on the type of service that you want and the quality of the service. Getting a boost in Bronze can be very cheap, and able to be completed by most boosters, but getting a boost in Master can be very expensive and when using a low quality service, might end up ranking your account lower than before.

Can I get a LoL Boost for free?

Sometimes, as many services provide a free boost or a trial game through a process depending on their policy.

Will boosting help me become a better player?

In general, yes. A lot of players are stuck in low ranks because of too much variability in players skill levels and knowledge, often disallowing them to focus on a clear path. A silver player who is Diamond level at macro play might be able to sustain a rank in Platinum, but as the games are never team oriented in Silver, the Platinum rank would be reasonable to be boosted instead.

Boosting Service Qualities

How do I know the boosting service is legitimate and not a scam?

Your best bet is to read reviews. There are many third party review websites which require either a verified purchase or information to prove engagement, one of the most popular ones being Trustpilot.

Can I get coaching in addition to boosting?

Coaching with boosting is a popular option when choosing a duo carry / duo boosting service. This is a very popular way of coaching in 2023.

How does the boosting service ensure quality and professionalism?

A good boosting service guarantees you with the ability to rate your experience and brings our it’s previous achievements. You should look out for: finished services, currently ongoing services, Trustpilot reviews, customer service availability, and refund policy. Most of all go with your instinct, getting a LoL boost is an experience and your satisfaction matters.

What if I’m not satisfied with the boosting service?

Most service allow partial refunds if you are not satisfied with the service. As League of Legends divisions are divided into sections of 100 points, it’s not hard to process and evaluate the refunds.

How can I pay for elo boosting?

Paying for LoL boosting is as simple as paying for anything online. There are many payment providers such as Stripe, Paypal, Skrill etc. Additionally, on some website it’s also possible to pay via Crypto payments.

Is there any way to ensure that my boost remains confidential?

Good boosting services always keep your account and boosting private, but if you want to extend your privacy even further than your best bet is to choose the champions that you normally play, ask to use the same summoner spells that you usually use; if possible, also keep the KDA low..

Can I track the progress of my boost in real-time?

When using an advanced boosting service, it is often possible to also track the progress of your boosting progress. If not, it’s always possible to track your account’s status on OP.GG. If you’re interested in such features, it’s wise to first contact the website support about it.

Inside League of Legends

Is League of Legends Elo Hell Real?

Yes, because Elo Hell is personal and subjective. A person who is completely and totally experience with MOBAs such as Dota, might have better chances of finishing their first placement matches straight into Platinum with sheer luck. While another person who doesn’t get lucky with placement matches might end up in Silver and stay there for years. For them, the best solution is to find an elo boosting service, a coaching service or even buy a new account to run the placements again.

How to get out of Elo Hell?

Getting out of Elo Hell has many ways, the most popular ways being boosting and duo boosting. These processes help the player to stay in the low ranked Elo Hell for as short time as possible, sometimes they can climb from bronze to gold in just a few days.

What is the highest rank you can get after ranked placements in League of Legends?

The highest rank you can get after placements since Season 13, split 2, is Platinum 1. After reaching Platinum 1, you might still be in a higher ranking than it is visible because of the ranked MMR. This is why a Challenger player might win all placements, reach Platinum 1, and still play against Diamond 1 players.

What is the fastest way to rank up in League of Legends?

The fastest way to rank up in League of Legends is by playing together in duo with a player who is smurfing. This allows both players to climb the ranked ladder in an environment where there is a lot less resistance than usually. Normally this is done via duo boosting service, either by win or division.

How can I spectate a live League of Legends ranked match?

There are many websites that offer live game spectating, the most popular one being OP.GG. If you want to spectate your match live during a boosting process, you can ask your booster to stream the games for you.

Are LoL third-party programs allowed?

Some are, some aren’t. If you’re installing a third-party program for anything, you should conduct a thorough research before installing it. If Riot has deemed the program to be illegal for League of Legends, you might end up getting banned for running the program while playing the game.

LoL Account Security & Ethics

Is LoL Boosting allowed by Riot Games?

It depends on what your personal beliefs are. The reality is that the modern gaming landscape is changing every year. Boosting is a part of the modern gaming setting in even official forms. As an example in World of Warcraft, boosting is allowed and even encouraged. In other games instead of boosting up your grinding time on a Diamond rank, a player pays for twice the speed of completion of the dungeon, by paying the gaming company.

In League of Legends, if you don’t have the strongest meta champion unlocked, you might be enticed to pay for it with real life money, to progress faster.

In the end it all comes down to how you want to mold your gaming experience. Some enjoy playing games on the hardcore instant lose setting, some don’t. Some people grind the same dungeon all day for months, some don’t – it’s your game and your account.

Is Duo boosting allowed in League of Legends?

Yes, duo boosting is indistinguishable from simple playing together with a friend. As long as you’re playing on the account, it’s not boosting, hence in general duo boosting is a misnomer and would be more accurately named as duo carry.

Can you get banned for Duo Boosting?

No, it is impossible to get banned for duo boosting / duo carry because you are playing on the account and using the game systems as they were designed.

Is it safe to share my account details with a booster?

Yes, as long as you have an email attached to your account, the password of your account cannot be changed without e-mail confirmation. Even though your account cannot be stolen, it’s still a good practice to change your password each time after completing an order.

What are the risks involved in League of Legends boosting?

There are no account penalties or restrictions given to players for League of Legends boosting. The only risk, as of 2023, is that a service or a player might not be up to standards, might use cheats or intentionally ruin the account that’s being played on. This is the case with every real life and online service, that is why it’s important to read reviews and be informed on the past performance of the boosters.

Does boosting affect my account’s honor level?

Yes, but positively. Your honor level is largely dependent on how many exemplary matches you have played recently. The more games you win, the more positive matches you have passed. This is exceptionally fast with boosting, as winning generally makes your team also value you more highly, boosting your honor level while you boost your rank.

Are there risks from playing on my account while it’s being boosted?

There are no risks to your account’s status or penalties but the boosting process itself might be a lot worse and slower than when the account is unoccupied during the whole boosting process.

What happens if a booster behaves poorly or uses offensive language while on my account?

Professional boosting services uphold strict behavior codes. Boosters are expected to maintain decorum. If they don’t, you should report them to the service provider immediately.

LoL Boosters Explained

Who are LoL Boosters?

Typically LoL boosters are standard players like you and me, with different goals in their life. Most commonly, boosters are players who want to break through the pro scene such as LCS and need a way to sustain their ability to play the game while not getting paid by the pro teams yet. Without LoL boosting, there would be a lot less pro players.

The only country where League of Legends boosting is not allowed is South Korea because the accounts are tied to personal identity and are considered identity theft. This does not stop players from using boosting services, but it is a lot less advertised and talked about because of that.

How are boosters chosen by boosting companies?

It varies on the company. A good boosting company normally follows a procedure of first acquiring the upcoming booster’s profile, inspects it, then requires them to play 3-5 test games in ranked. After the first phase is done, they will be allowed to play on low ranked orders until they’ve proven to be capable boosters. A person who’d have access to clients in the Master tier can require up to 6 months of vetting and doing low rank orders.

Will I be able to communicate with the booster during the process?

Most services allow communication with the booster, but not always. This requires a specific members area on the website and a policy for communication.

Do boosters dodge the game if they don’t get your role or champion?

Some boosters might agree to dodge the game for an extra fee. The reason for the extra fee is the reason that when a booster dodges a game, they lose LP, therefore progress made on the account.

How much do Boosters Earn?

Boosters in general earn 60-90% of the order price, depending on the size of the order and characteristics of the boost. This also largely varies depending on the service provider. As an example, if a booster boosts a Diamond 1 division for every day of the month, they would earn $3,000 per month.

What rank are normally LoL Boosters?

An average League of Legends booster is normally a Grandmaster, but the ranks can fluctuate between Master and even LCS / Top 10 in North America, Europe or Korea.

Do boosters use VPNs?

Most advanced boosting services use VPNs on all orders in order to maintain a stable account location. Some services also get the boosting done by local players who not only have the same IP without the VPN, but also play on the same schedule.

Can I earn money with boosting as a booster?

Yes, everyone can earn money with boosting, if they’re good enough and pass the vetting process of becoming a booster. The minimum rank to reliably earn money and boost Platinum divisions is Master tier.


Are there any regions or servers where boosting is more prevalent?

League of Legends boosting is popular on all servers, especially in North America and Europe, where the competition is more fierce and higher ranks are more stable and fun to play at. Boosting is a little bit less popular on a very low population servers like Turkey and Latin America, where the server sizes dwarf their continental competitors.

How do boosting services deal with new seasons or major game changes?

During preseason and major game changes, normally boosters spend more time playing with their professional teams of practicing in ranked mode to improve for the upcoming season and potential professional play.

Is it possible to boost in other League of Legends game modes?

Yes, it’s possible to boost every game mode. If a new game mode pops up, it’s a good idea to contact the boosting service and inquire if boosting is available in the new mode. This is often a good idea, as often times new game modes have unique, one-of-a-kind rewards.

Can I play League of Legends with custom skins?

It depends on the current League of Legends stance on custom skin programs and the specific program. If you’re lucky, there might be a custom skin available, but that’s not always the case. A quick Google research can help you here.

How can I play in offline mode?

All you need to do is open your „Command Prompt” as an administrator. Then, you’ll have to copy and paste the following text:
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteport=5223 protocol=TCP action=block

Make sure that you are not logged on your League Client! This will work on ALL SERVERS.

In case you want to be back online to all your friends, the procedure is also very easy!

Simply close your League Client and open your „Command Prompt” as administrator again but now add this text:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat”

Press enter and that’s it! This will get you back up online to all your friends without any issues.