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The premise of this VIP program is simple: the value of your last purchase directly translates into the discount you receive on your next order. That means, the larger your previous order, the greater the discount you stand to receive. These VIP discounts can shave off a significant portion of your purchase, sometimes up to a staggering 30%.

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If you cannot find our emails from anywhere, please contact us via email or live chat in the bottom right corner.We start all of our orders at least within 12 hours after the payment.
If your order is not started within 12 hours, please contact us via email or live support in the bottom right corner.If you’re unhappy with the performance of your Booster and would like to see a new player on your account, contact us via email or live chat in the bottom right corner.It is not possible for anyone to change your password or information related to your account without direct access to your email.
Your account information will be provided to your booster for a short period of time and will be deleted from all databases after your order is completed.
We take extreme precaution with anything and everything involving your information and have not had a single disruption because of it.In order to provide a smooth passage to your desired ranking, some reversible changes in your settings will be made on the account. If you have specific settings or requests about them, please leave your requests in a note during the ordering process or notify your booster via live chat from your order page.You can contact and chat with your booster on your order page once you log in to your account on our website.
If your booster is not responding within a reasonable timeframe, contact us via live chat and we’ll reach out to your booster for you.We do not offer spectating from inside the ordering page right now but it is possible to do so by visiting and typing in your name and server while your booster is in game.If you’re happy with the results of your booster, tipping them would be a generous gesture. You can find the tipping model on your order page, under your current skill ranking section. We pay 100% of your tips to the booster and pay the fees for you. If the tipping module is not visible for you, please contact customer support.