25 Unique & Rare Neeko Tips by a Top 100 Neeko Challenger

September 21, 2023

League of Legends is a game that has tons of unique and fun champions, especially someone like Neeko, the shape-shifting trickster. For this champion we've asked our professional booster who plays Neeko every day from Iron to Challenger up to TOP 100 in North America to compile a list of unique and interesting facts that can help you in game or break the awkward ice when adding a duo.

Gameplay Mechanics & Skills

1. 2v2s and Ignite

Engage confidently in 2v2 fights with your jungler, especially if you've got Ignite in your pocket. The ability to secure first blood or additional kills is something Neeko can truly excel at, so don't shy away.

2. Disguise Hotkeys

For quicker and more intuitive plays, assign your disguise passive to specific hotkeys like "Shift 1" or "Shift 2." These shortcuts will help you effortlessly morph into other champions, leaving your opponents scratching their heads.

3. R-Animation Cancel

Throw your enemies a curveball by disguising yourself and then flashing right before your ultimate pops off. This technique delivers a double surprise effect that leaves your foes helpless.

4. Minion Disguise in Jungle

Take advantage of Neeko's ability to disguise as a minion when you're jungling. The increased attack speed from the disguise helps you efficiently start your red buff, optimizing your jungle route.

5. Sneaky Engagements

Disguise as a minion or even a ward to full-engage your enemy. This tactic can prove devastating, especially in team fights, by catching foes off guard.

6. Fake Recall Trick

Lure your enemies into a false sense of security by initiating a full recall animation with your W skill. This can make your opponents throw out their skill shots prematurely or even go all-in, only for you to turn the tables.
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7. Proxy a Wave

Hide in the bush near the rocks—this works on both top and bot lanes—and deploy your W just as the minion wave arrives. Your clone will engage the minions while you complete your recall, giving you a significant time advantage for your next move.

8. The Perfect Distraction

Confuse your enemies by launching your clone right into the fray, then follow it up by disguising as a minion or even as one of your teammates' clones. Your enemies will be so puzzled they won't know where to aim.

9. Baiting Flashes

Your clone can mimic your abilities. So, use it to make your opponent waste crucial abilities, like their Flash, thinking they're aiming for the real deal.

10. E-Flash Combo

Neeko's E ability can actually be buffered. Use it in conjunction with Flash to leave almost no window for your enemies to react, securing that essential root.

11. Fun with Sylas

When Sylas steals your ultimate, its effects will change based on who you're disguised as. It adds an extra layer of complexity and surprise to the encounter.

12. Clone Interactions

Your clone isn't just a diversion—it can also be functional. Make it step on traps like Caitlyn's or trigger Teemo's mushrooms, thereby nullifying their impact.

13. Synergy with Sejuani

Turn into a melee champion using your passive when you have Sejuani in your team. This will help you stack her E ability faster, making for an efficient and deadly combo.

14. Hexflash Combo

Execute a Hexflash over a wall and use your passive mid-channel to disguise your ultimate animation. When you emerge, you'll appear as a teammate, and the enemy will be hit with an unexpected, massive R.

Fun Facts & Easter Eggs

15. Neeko Waves

Neeko actually waves at jungle camps when walking by, showcasing her friendly and curious nature.

16. Winter Wonder Recall

The Winter Wonder skin features a recall animation that's a homage to Yuri Katsuki from the anime Yuri!!! On Ice.

17. Language Facts

Neeko says phrases like "Ataco, Ataco!" which are in Portuguese. While not a tribute, it's an interesting multilingual aspect of her character, as these terms mean "I attack, I attack!"

18. Teamfight Tactics Icon

The icon for Neeko’s W ability was once used in Teamfight Tactics for the item named "Neeko's Help."

19. Tested Skills

Neeko’s Q, Blooming Burst, was actually initially tried out on Sylas during the champion development process.

20. Inspirations

Neeko draws inspiration from a variety of characters, including Leeloo from The Fifth Element, Starfire from DC Comics, and even Eleven from Stranger Things.

21. Fish Out of Water

Riot Games aimed to create a "fish out of water" feel for Neeko, showcasing her as a champion who has a unique perspective on the world around her.

22. LGBTQIA+ Representation

Neeko proudly represents the LGBTQIA+ community within the League of Legends universe.

23. Runaan's Hurricane

The item Runaan's Hurricane can trigger Neeko’s empowered W on every auto-attack if the bolts hit another target, offering her some compelling build options.

24. W Clone Visibility

Neeko’s W clone won't materialize until after 0.5 seconds of invisibility, giving you a small window to set up your next move.

25. Pressure with Jungler Disguise

Disguise as your jungler while roaming to put the enemy team on high alert. It creates psychological pressure that can alter the enemy's behavior, especially when you pass over wards.

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