A Nostalgic Look Back at the Early Days of League of Legends

May 29, 2024

Remember the early days of League of Legends, when unlocking champions was an arduous grind that tested the patience of even the most dedicated players? For those who didn't want to (or couldn't) spend real money, earning Influence Points (IP) to permanently unlock champions was a slow and steady process.

Back then, the weekly free champion rotation was a godsend for players eager to try out new characters. As a 12-year-old who was too scared to use their parents' credit card, I would wait with bated breath each week, hoping that the champions I had been dying to play would finally be available. In some cases, it took several months before I got my chance.

Saving up 6300 IP to permanently unlock a champion felt like an impossible dream. The first win of the day bonus was crucial, providing a much-needed boost of around 150 IP. I remember sneaking onto the computer on school days, quickly running a Co-op vs AI match, and trying to end it as fast as possible to secure that precious bonus.

The IP grind wasn't just about unlocking champions, though. Proper rune pages were also essential for many characters to be played optimally. Some players in the community would advise that certain champions, like Nidalee, required a specific rune setup to be viable. The thought of having to play a suboptimal version of a champion for weeks or even months while grinding IP for runes was disheartening for many.

Despite the challenges, there was something magical about the anticipation and excitement surrounding each new champion unlock. I remember daydreaming in class about finally being able to play the next champion I had been saving up for. It felt like a momentous event when I finally had enough IP to make the purchase. I also remember ranking up rather quickly back then, but now I feel stuck in my elo. If that's the same case for you - I recommend these cheap Duo Carry services as a solution to your problem. No shame in asking for help sometimes!

Looking back, it's clear that the IP system in early League of Legends was far from perfect. The grind was long, and the barriers to entry for new players were high. However, for those of us who experienced it firsthand, there's a certain nostalgia attached to those early days of grinding and the sense of accomplishment that came with each hard-earned champion unlock.

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