League of Legends Duo boosting vs Solo boosting Differences

June 8, 2024

Climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends is a challenging and rewarding experience that many players strive for. There are various strategies and approaches to achieve this goal, but two methods that often spark debate are duo carry and solo boosting. Duo carrying involves teaming up with a skilled player, such as a pro, to climb the ranks together. On the other hand, solo boosting refers to having a pro player play on your account to boost your rank quickly.

Duo Carry:

Duo carry involves queuing up with a pro player or a highly skilled friend. The advantages of this method are numerous. Firstly, you have the opportunity to learn from your skilled partner, observing their decision-making, mechanics, and overall gameplay. This can help you improve your own skills over time. Additionally, having a reliable teammate can make it easier to coordinate plays, secure objectives, and ultimately win games.

Solo Carry:

Solo boosting, on the other hand, means having a pro player play on your account. This approach guarantees that you'll have a highly skilled player controlling your champion, increasing your chances of winning games and climbing the ranks quickly.

The main benefit of solo boosting is the potential for rapid advancement in the ranked system. A pro player can likely maintain a high win rate, allowing your account to climb faster than it would if you were playing yourself.

To sum it up:

Both duo carrying and solo boosting have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends. Duo carrying provides an opportunity for learning and growth, but progress may be slower. Solo boosting offers the potential for quick advancement but comes with risks and doesn't contribute to personal skill development.

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