Riot Games Bans LFL Player Czekolad for Using Third-Party Tools

May 26, 2024

Czekolad, the midlaner for BK Rog in the LFL (French League), has been banned by Riot Games' automated anti-cheat system. The message he received stated:

Your account received the following penalties:
• You're permanent, banned. You'll be automatically signed out when you close this message.

An automated review of your gameplay detected that you were cheating by using third-party tools. This is outlined in the User Rules (Section 7) of our Terms of Service as harmful to the integrity and spirit of our community.

Fair play and respecting the integrity of a match are essential to be a team that wins together. We encourage you to reflect on your behavior to be a respectful teammate in future games. You can visit our FAQ to learn more, including your right to appeal."

Is he guilty?

However, there is speculation that this message is actually for getting banned for using a "lobby reveal" tool, not scripting. A Riot Games employee mentioned on Twitter that they were beginning to issue bans for these types of tools as well.

A "lobby reveal" is a third-party program that allows players to see the names and IDs of their teammates while in the champion select phase of the game. This feature was previously available in the regular League of Legends client but was fixed in a recent patch.

Some commenters have mentioned that it's possible to achieve the same effect by using SSL decryption to read the packets before they reach the player's computer. However, this can be mitigated by Riot's anti-cheat system or prevented through certificate pinning.

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Riot's response

While the ban message states that it is a permanent ban, some are claiming that using a lobby reveal tool should only result in a 2-week ban, according to a Riot employee. The usefulness of lobby reveal tools is debated, with some saying it's more beneficial in higher-ranked lobbies where players encounter each other more frequently, while others claim it's used in lower ranks as well to flame teammates based on their champion win rates.

In final words, while the specific reason for Czekolad's ban is unclear, Riot Games is clearly cracking down on the use of third-party tools that compromise the integrity and fairness of the game.

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