Will Boosting Help Me Become a Better Player?

June 30, 2024

Many League of Legends players find themselves hardstuck in low ranks like Silver and Gold, despite feeling that their skills in certain areas of the game are significantly higher. They may excel at macro play, mechanics, or game knowledge, but struggle to climb the ranked ladder due to the large variability in teammate skill levels at lower ranks. This leads to an important question - will paying for a boost to a higher rank actually help you become a better player overall?

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In short

In general, the answer is yes, getting boosted can help you improve as a player, especially if you have specific strengths that are being held back by the chaos of low ELO games. For example, let's say you are a Silver player with macro understanding and shotcalling that is genuinely on a Diamond level. You know how to secure objectives, rotate around the map, and make smart calls - but in Silver games, your team rarely groups up, follows calls, or plays strategically as a unit. As a result, your strong macro is going to waste and you are hardstuck.

You might be better than your rank

In a case like this, paying for a boost to an appropriate rank like Platinum could actually be quite beneficial. Platinum players tend to have a better grasp of macro play and are more willing to play as a coordinated team. By playing in this environment, you would be able to fully utilize your excellent macro skills and shotcalling. The Platinum games would be much more oriented around teamplay and strategy, allowing you to thrive and improve even further.

Practice alone

Of course, you would still need to focus on improving your mechanics and laning to maintain a Platinum rank in the long run. But the experience of playing with more skilled teammates and against better opponents would provide highly educational games to learn from. You could then take the lessons learned back to your original rank and use them to hard carry games.

To sum it up:

While boosting is often viewed negatively, there are some cases where it can genuinely help dedicated players break out of low ELO traps and reach an environment where they can maximize their strengths and learn to shore up their weaknesses. If you know you have a high-level understanding of certain aspects of the game, buying a boost to an appropriate rank could be an effective way to improve your play in the long run. Just be ready to put in the work to maintain that new rank once you get there.

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