Adapting to Unconventional Team Compositions in League of Legends

May 24, 2024

Players in League of Legends often find themselves facing unusual team compositions that deviate from the traditional meta. A recent example of this was a game featuring a team of all squishies, including a Vex top, Zed jungle, and other non-tanky champions. While such compositions may seem daunting, there are ways to adapt and counter these strategies effectively.

Understanding the Role of Tanks:

Tanks play a crucial role in protecting their team's carry, usually the marksman, by preventing the enemy from reaching them. In the absence of a tank, the enemy team has a clear path to target the carry directly. This vulnerability can be exploited by focusing on the carry and eliminating them quickly.

Adapting to Other Unconventional Picks:

When facing a team without a battlemage, positioning becomes more flexible, as there are no champions to block off areas. This can be particularly advantageous during objective fights, such as those around dragons.

If the enemy team lacks an assassin or burst mage, the threat of being flanked is reduced. While vision is still important, your carry is less likely to be instantly eliminated if vision control isn't perfect.

Against a team without a marksman, your tank becomes harder to kill, giving you an edge in front-to-back teamfights.

The Importance of Vision:

Vision plays a vital role in countering assassins and burst mages. By placing wards strategically, such as in the bush next to the enemy's blue-side vision plant, you can detect when assassins are attempting to flank your team. As a mid laner, contributing to vision control can significantly improve your team's chances of success.

Adapting Your Playstyle:

When facing a team without tanks, it's essential to adapt your playstyle accordingly. Engage and pick compositions become more viable, as well as splitpush and flank strategies. Champions with strong engage abilities, like Vex, can be particularly effective in these scenarios.

Itemization can also help compensate for the lack of tanks. Items like Zhonya's Hourglass, Edge of Night, and Banshee's Veil allow non-tanky champions to survive engages more effectively. Additionally, some mages excel at dealing with divers through their crowd control abilities.

The Solo Queue Mindset:

In solo queue, the traditional front-to-back teamfighting style is less common. Teams without tanks often excel at 1-3-1 strategies, as their solo laners are typically stronger in 1v1 situations. To punish such compositions, grouping and fast-pushing can be effective, as the enemy team may struggle to respond to the pressure.

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Mental Resilience and Adaptability:

While unconventional team compositions can be challenging, the key to success lies in maintaining a positive attitude and adapting to the situation. Tilting or giving up early can significantly hinder your chances of winning. Instead, focus on playing to your strengths, communicating with your team, and making strategic decisions based on the enemy's composition.

Final words:

Encountering off-meta picks and unusual team compositions is an inevitable part of playing League of Legends. By understanding the roles of different champion types, adapting your playstyle, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can effectively counter these strategies and increase your chances of success. Remember, the game is not solely determined by the meta, but rather by how well you and your team adapt to the challenges presented to you.

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