How to Play Against A Good Enemy Support in League of Legends

May 5, 2024

Have you ever asked yourself "What can I do as a support in this lane if the enemy support outplaying me?" I have, multiply times, as a support player who is always looking for ways to improve this question has been on my mind all the time. I just climbed from Bronze 2 to Emerald 3! Let me tell you, roaming and vision control are the keys to success. But when I hit Emerald, I ran into a new problem: enemy supports who could outroam me, especially since I'm a Milio one-trick. But don't worry, I got you covered with some tips on how to adapt and crush it when you're up against these roaming beasts.

The Problem

In Emerald, enemy supports are straight-up nasty at roaming. Champs like Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Maokai, Janna, Bard, and Pyke are absolute monsters at ganking, denying vision, and stealing your lunch money at objectives. As a Milio player, it can be tough to keep up with their roaming game.

Solution 1: Counter-Roaming

One way to deal with these roaming demons is to counter-roam. Basically, you follow their roam and back up your homies in the same lane. But you gotta have perfect timing and avoid getting caught with your pants down by the enemy support or jungler. Here's how to counter-roam like a boss:

  • Track the enemy support, jungler, and wards like a stalker
  • Show up fashionably late to the party, right after the enemy support's gank
  • Jump into fights where both sides are still going ham
  • Getting good at tracking is key to being a counter-roaming legend.

Solution 2: Make the Enemy ADC Cry

When the enemy support is off roaming, and you're still in the lane, it's time to make the enemy ADC's life a living hell. Depending on the wave state, you can:

  • Zone them away from CS and EXP if the wave is pushing towards you
  • Poke and auto-attack them to death if the wave is slow-pushing towards the enemy
  • Get deep wards if the wave is fast-pushing towards the enemy
  • By putting the pressure on and making the enemy ADC play like a scared little baby, you can make those enemy support roams feel like a waste of time.

Solution 3: Be a Lane Bully

If you decide not to match the enemy support's roams, make sure you're putting in work in your lane. This can mean:

  • Zoning or diving the solo enemy ADC under their tower
  • Securing objectives with your jungler like a boss
  • Telling your team where the enemy support is roaming, so they don't get caught slipping
  • By taking advantage of the numbers game in your lane, you can create pressure and make the enemy support come running back.

Bonus solution: get tips and tricks from a pro who's gonna play by your side. A cheap duo carry can be a great option to learn, ask questions and climb the ranks.

Wrap It Up!

Playing against a roaming beast of an enemy support can be tough, especially as a Milio main. But by adapting your playstyle and focusing on counter-roaming, bullying the enemy ADC, and being a lane bully, you can make their roams feel pointless and keep climbing that ranked ladder. Keep an eye on the enemy support and jungler, talk to your team, and play to your champ's strengths. With some practice and determination, you'll beat this challenge and become an even more awesome support player.

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