Does loser que or low priority exist in League of Legends?

April 4, 2024

For years, a persistent myth has circulated among League of Legends players: the existence of a "Losers Queue" or "Low Priority Queue," where the game's matchmaking system allegedly places players on a losing streak with inferior teammates as a form of punishment. However, a recent statement from Riot Games' Lead Designer for Summoner's Rift Team, Riot Phroxzon, has put this notion to rest once and for all.

In a series of tweets, Phroxzon addressed the misconception head-on, stating unequivocally that "Losers queue doesn't exist." He clarified that the game's developers are not intentionally placing underperforming players on a player's team to force them into a losing streak. In fact, he pointed out the logical fallacy in this assumption, asking, "Even if we assumed that premise, wouldn't we want to give you good players so you stop losing?"

Phroxzon went on to explain that for ranked matches, the matchmaking system relies solely on a player's rating, and nothing else. If a player experiences a string of losses after a winning streak, it is simply because they are facing tougher opponents and may have reached a skill ceiling. It is not, as some players believe, due to the game deliberately matching them with "inters" (intentional feeders) or placing smurfs (highly skilled players using lower-ranked accounts) on the opposing team.

Furthermore, Phroxzon addressed the common complaint of players who feel they are "playing perfectly" and posting impressive KDA (kill-death-assist ratio) screenshots while their teammates are "inting." He assured players that if a skilled player were to review their games, they would likely find hundreds of areas where the player could have made different decisions that might have altered the game's outcome.

While acknowledging that there are indeed games where teammates underperform, Phroxzon emphasized that in the grand scheme of things, the only consistent factor in a player's games is the player themselves. He even went as far as to say that if a Challenger-level player were to take over in a supposedly "unwinnable" game, they would likely be able to turn it into a victory.

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To help players improve their relationship with League of Legends and their overall gameplay, Phroxzon offered some valuable advice:

  1. Maintain a positive, never-give-up attitude and adopt a growth mindset.
  2. Seek guidance from reputable coaches or experienced players.
  3. Play proactively when in the lead, applying pressure and drawing the enemy jungler's attention without throwing the game.
  4. Focus on improving gameplay rather than simply preserving KDA.
  5. Review every death, as most are avoidable until reaching very high ranks.
  6. Identify and play to your win condition while disrupting the enemy's win condition.

In final words, the concept of a "Losers Queue" in League of Legends is nothing more than a myth perpetuated by players looking for external factors to blame for their losses. By debunking this misconception, Riot Phroxzon encourages players to focus on personal growth, maintain a positive outlook, and continually strive to improve their gameplay. In doing so, players can take control of their own success in the game and climb the ranks on their own merits, rather than attributing their losses to an imaginary matchmaking conspiracy.

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