Check your MMR in League of Legends 2024

March 23, 2024

In the highly competitive world of League of Legends, understanding your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is crucial for tracking your progress and skill level. As the 2024 season approaches, many players are eager to know how they can check their MMR and gauge their standing in the ranked system.

As of the 2024 season, Riot Games has not yet provided specific details on how players can check their MMR (Matchmaking Rating) directly within the game client. However, based on the information available, here are a few potential ways players may be able to estimate or track their MMR:

Riot's Official Ranking System:

With the introduction of the new Riot M system and the eventual transition to True Skill 2, Riot may provide more transparency regarding MMR.
Players should keep an eye out for official announcements or updates within the game client that may allow them to view their MMR or a similar rating that reflects their skill level.

Third-Party Websites and Applications:

Some third-party websites and applications, such as OP.GG or U.GG, offer features that estimate a player's MMR based on their ranked performance and other factors.
While these estimations may not be 100% accurate, they can provide a general idea of where a player stands in terms of MMR.
To use these services, players typically need to search for their summoner name and region on the respective website or app.

Observing LP Gains and Losses:

Although not a direct representation of MMR, players can get an idea of their MMR by observing their LP (League Points) gains and losses after each ranked game.
If a player consistently gains more LP than they lose, it suggests that their MMR is higher than their current rank.
Conversely, if a player loses more LP than they gain, it indicates that their MMR may be lower than their rank.
Keep in mind that LP gains and losses can be influenced by factors such as win/loss streaks and the MMR of the players in each match.

Monitoring Matchmaking:

Players can pay attention to the ranks and skill levels of their teammates and opponents in ranked matches.
If a player consistently finds themselves matched with higher-ranked players, it suggests that their MMR is higher than their current rank.
On the other hand, if a player frequently encounters lower-ranked players, it may indicate that their MMR is lower than their rank.
It's important to note that MMR is a hidden value and is subject to change based on a player's performance and the underlying algorithms used by Riot's ranking system. The best way for players to improve their MMR is to consistently perform well in ranked matches and strive to win more games than they lose.

While Riot Games continues to refine and improve the ranked system with the introduction of Riot M and the eventual transition to True Skill 2, players can utilize a combination of official updates, third-party websites, LP gains/losses, and matchmaking observations to gauge their MMR. However, it's crucial to remember that MMR is a dynamic value that is heavily influenced by individual performance and the complex algorithms behind the scenes. The most effective way for players to improve their MMR and rise through the ranks is to consistently perform at their best, strive for victory in every match, and maintain a positive attitude.

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