Low ELO is Filled With Bots in League of Legends

June 28, 2024

As a newcomer to League of Legends, I've been playing the game for just over a month now and have noticed a concerning trend in the lower ranks, particularly in Iron and low-level normal games. It appears that there is a significant presence of bots, and I'm not referring to inexperienced or trolling players, but actual automated programs similar to those found in games like Runescape.

These bots often select champions like Yuumi and exhibit peculiar behavior, such as tethering to random laners and doing nothing or simply following a champion around the map. This issue is not limited to Yuumi, as I've observed other champions behaving in a similar manner. Upon reviewing their match history, I discovered that these suspected bot accounts consistently have long losing streaks, sometimes spanning multiple days.

When I brought this issue to the attention of a friend in the Diamond rank, they were dismissive and seemed skeptical of my claims. However, I want to emphasize that my intention is not to criticize other players' gameplay but rather to understand why these bots exist and find ways to avoid encountering them in my games.

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After discussing this issue with the League of Legends community, I learned that some bot accounts intentionally lose and derank after placement matches to be sold as Iron accounts online. This financial incentive appears to be the primary reason behind the existence of these bots.

While there is no easy fix for this problem, veteran players suggest climbing out of Iron and Bronze ranks to minimize encounters with these bots. Some players even recommend banning champions like Yuumi in Iron matches to deter potential derankers.

As a new player striving to improve and become better at the game, I find it disheartening to encounter these bots in my matches. It is my hope that by raising awareness about this issue, the League of Legends community and the game's developers can work together to find a solution and create a more enjoyable experience for players at all skill levels.

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