League of Legends Overrun by Bots

May 12, 2024

League of Legends seems to be facing a growing problem with bots, which is threatening to turn the game into more of a PvE experience than a competitive PvP one. Many players have noticed a significant increase in the number of bots in their matches, with some claiming that nearly every game has 2 or more bots.

What's particularly concerning is that these new bots seem to be much more sophisticated than the old ones. They are good enough to fool less experienced players, but seasoned veterans can still spot the telltale patterns. The bots move in similar ways, often stacking in the bot lane when there are 3-4 of them. They also exhibit awkward movements and placements when not engaged in combat, have unnaturally good tracking abilities, and seem to anticipate moves before animations even start.

While the old bots were easily recognizable and could be reported, these new ones blend in more seamlessly, making it harder to identify and remove them from the game. This has led to a situation where many players feel like they are playing against AI opponents rather than human ones, turning League of Legends into a PvE experience akin to a 5-man dungeon.

The prevalence of bots is not only frustrating for players who are looking for a competitive PvP experience but also raises questions about the integrity of the game. If a significant portion of the player base consists of bots, it undermines the very essence of what makes a multiplayer game enjoyable and fair.

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It remains to be seen how Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, will address this growing problem. Many players are calling for stronger measures to detect and remove bots, as well as more transparency about the extent of the issue. Until then, the question remains: is League of Legends slowly turning into a PvE game?

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