New Vanguard System in LoL Ruined the Game?

May 28, 2024

Vanguard, the anti-cheat system recently implemented in League of Legends, has been a hot topic of discussion within the gaming community. While negative posts tend to garner more attention, it's essential to gather a balanced view of the situation. In this post, we'll explore the experiences and perspectives of various players who have encountered Vanguard.

User Experiences:

  1. "I played a couple of games on Wednesday without any issues. However, on Thursday, I was locked out by a Vanguard error. I submitted a ticket, reinstalled League, and it worked. The ticket response indicated that it was an error, and my League account was reinstated."
  2. "I encountered three different Vanguard errors that prevented me from playing a game. Even if you're fine with giving them kernel access, you're still installing subpar software."
  3. "I literally cannot play League anymore. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps, but the client just won't run. It seems like a sign to quit."
  4. "Vanguard blocks my integrated Wi-Fi module, making it impossible for me to play League of Legends."
  5. "I can no longer spectate games via third-party tools like Porofessor, lolspectate, or I can only spectate if I uninstall Vanguard and spectate without ever opening the client. It's terrible."
  6. "Ever since the implementation of Vanguard, I have to constantly log back into Windows Outlook. My startup time has also doubled compared to when Vanguard wasn't installed."
  7. "I can't play the game anymore due to the 'can't install a required dependency' issue. I've tried every fix available on the web, multiple times, but to no avail."
  8. "I have an ASUS motherboard, and Vanguard flags and stops an audio driver .sys file on boot. I'm not willing to risk my account getting banned due to an audio driver, nor am I going to disable the driver simply to play a game."
  9. "I've uninstalled League of Legends, at least until Vanguard stops taking screenshots and sending them to their servers. The fact that it's installed in the kernel is not something I can trust."
  10. "I had to uninstall Vanguard because I was getting constant blue screens of death (BSOD) on boot-up. Vanguard decided that a file my fan controller needs to work could be used for cheating, and I'd rather have my fan controller working than Vanguard."

In final words:

While some players have experienced no issues with Vanguard, others have encountered various problems, ranging from game crashes and errors to compatibility issues with hardware and software. Some players even lost their LPs because of Vanguard. If you're one of them, get yourself a Duo Carry and climb the ranks stress-free. The implementation of Vanguard has also raised concerns about privacy and trust, with some players opting to uninstall the game entirely.

It's crucial for the developers to address these concerns and work towards providing a stable and secure gaming experience for all players. As the discussion surrounding Vanguard continues, it's essential to consider the diverse experiences and perspectives of the player base to ensure a balanced and informed view of the situation.

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