League of Legends Players Facing Severe Ping Issues After Recent Patch

May 17, 2024

Since the release of the latest patch, many League of Legends players have been experiencing significant ping issues, particularly those on the Southeast Asia (SEA) server. Players who previously enjoyed stable connections with ping as low as 3ms are now reporting spikes ranging from 184ms to 235ms, rendering the game nearly unplayable.

The problem:

The sudden increase in ping has left players frustrated and seeking answers. Some have speculated that the issue may be related to specific internet service providers, with Singtel customers being among the most affected. However, the problem appears to be widespread, affecting players across various regions and providers.

One player, who had recently switched from Starhub to Singtel due to inconsistent speeds, expressed their disappointment, stating, "When will we ever get consistent coverage?" This sentiment is echoed by many others who feel let down by their internet service providers and are eager for a resolution.

Other servers?

The ping spikes are not limited to the SEA server, with players on the Russian server also reporting issues. One player mentioned that their usually stable 20ms ping had increased to 80ms permanently, causing them to miss skillshots more frequently.

The impact of these ping issues on gameplay cannot be overstated. Players are finding it increasingly difficult to perform at their best, with many missing crucial abilities and struggling to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the game. If you've lose your LP duo to your ping, look into these Duo Carry options and get your rank back in no time.

Did Riot say anything?

As of now, there has been no official statement from Riot Games addressing the problem or providing an estimated timeline for a fix. Players are growing increasingly impatient, with some even suggesting that the issue may inadvertently cure their League of Legends addiction.

It remains to be seen how quickly Riot Games and the affected internet service providers will be able to resolve these ping issues. Until then, players are left to deal with the frustration of an inconsistent and often unplayable gaming experience.

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