Login Issues in League of Legends

June 14, 2024

Many League of Legends players have recently encountered frustrating login issues preventing them from accessing the game. The problem seems to have started suddenly, with players receiving an error message stating, "Sorry, we're having trouble signing you in right now. Please try again later."

Riot Games

The issue appears to be affecting not only League of Legends but also other Riot Games titles such as Valorant. Some players have reported difficulties logging into the Riot Games client from the web or even starting Discord, suggesting a potential server issue.

One player shared their experience, saying, "I was playing normally, and all of a sudden, this happened. The same thing occurred both on League and Valorant." Another player mentioned that they couldn't even log in, further indicating the severity of the problem.

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Interestingly, some players have noticed that the issue extends beyond the game clients. A player reported that both Discord and the Riot Games client were not working for them, with the Riot Games client displaying a "no internet found" message and Discord being stuck on "checking for updates."

While the exact cause of the login issues remains unclear, some players have speculated that it could be related to their internet service provider (ISP). One player mentioned that switching to 4G on their phone allowed Discord to work, suggesting a potential ISP issue. However, upon contacting other people using the same ISP, they found that those individuals were not experiencing any problems.

Some suggestions

As players eagerly await a resolution to the login issues, some have suggested potential workarounds. One recommendation is to delete the %appdata% folder associated with the affected applications, although the effectiveness of this solution is yet to be confirmed.

At the time of writing, it appears that the login issues have started to resolve for some players. One player reported that both Discord and the Riot Games client began working for them after some time. However, the extent of the resolution and the number of players still affected remains unclear.

As the gaming community waits for a solution, the frustration among League of Legends players continues to grow. Many are eager to jump back into the game and enjoy their favorite champions on the Rift.

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