Patch 14.12 Preview in League of Legends

June 12, 2024

Riot Games has released the full preview for the upcoming Patch 14.12 in League of Legends. The patch brings a mix of buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to various champions and items. Notable changes include the removal of Varus and Xayah from the patch, as well as adjustments to Corki, Ezreal, and Ashe in the ADC role.

Champion Buffs:

Several champions are receiving buffs in this patch. Ezreal is getting increased AD per level, a higher AD ratio on his Q, and increased base damage on his R. Karma is receiving buffs to her E and R-E abilities, aimed at improving her support role. Naafiri is being experimented with in the jungle role, with changes to her passive and Q abilities. Nilah, who was previously overnerfed, is getting some power back through increased base HP regeneration and armor per level. Talon's Q cast time will now scale with attack speed, and his W is receiving damage adjustments. Vladimir is receiving buffs to his W, making it less punishing to use for dodging and increasing the incentives to go forward with the ability. Yone is getting increased base armor to help him in lane and top lane matchups. Yuumi, despite being a controversial champion, is receiving cooldown reductions on her E and increased base heal on her R to address her current weakness.

Champion Nerfs:

On the other hand, several champions are being nerfed in this patch. Akali, who has been performing well across all skill brackets, is receiving adjustments to her E ability to bring her power level down in regular play. Akshan's early trading is being toned down through changes to his passive and E abilities. Ashe, who has risen to the top of the ADC ranks, is getting a reduction in her passive's bonus damage against targets with Frost. Blitzcrank, a highly banned support champion, is having his base HP reduced. Master Yi, who has become too hard to play optimally, is receiving nerfs to his Q and W abilities to reduce some of the optimization-intensive power in his kit. Rek'Sai, a high-mastery champion, is getting nerfs to her unburrowed Q and burrowed W abilities. Skarner, who has been performing strongly in both top and jungle roles, is having his base HP reduced and his passive's target max HP damage adjusted. Tryndamere, who has been frustrating to play against, is receiving nerfs to his Q-P bonus AD and E base damage. Twisted Fate, while having two distinct builds in two roles, is slightly too strong overall and is receiving nerfs to his AD per level and W ability.

Champion Adjustments:

Aatrox is receiving adjustments to his health regeneration, armor per level, and E-P healing to make his more durable builds shine. Corki's power is being redistributed into his Q max over his E max through various adjustments to his base stats and abilities.

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System Buffs and Nerfs:

The patch also includes changes to items, with buffs to Lord Dominik's Regards, Serylda's Grudge, Scout's Slingshot, Statikk Shiv, and Void Staff. These changes aim to bring up weaker options and smooth out build paths for certain items. On the nerf side, First Strike is having its base gold and bonus damage reduced, while Noonquiver is receiving a slight AD reduction.

Final words:

Patch 14.12 brings a balance of buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to League of Legends. While some controversial champions like Yuumi are receiving buffs, others like Akali and Tryndamere are being toned down. The patch also aims to address issues with certain ADCs and improve item diversity. As always, the impact of these changes will be closely monitored by Riot Games and the player community.

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