Hall of Legends 2024 Pass: Missions and Loot Bundles

June 26, 2024

The highly anticipated Hall of Legends 2024 Pass is here, offering players an exciting opportunity to engage with the game through a series of missions and loot bundles. This year's pass is particularly special as it celebrates the induction of the legendary player, Faker, into the Hall of Legends.

Missions: A Path to Glory

The Hall of Legends 2024 Pass features 16 missions, divided into four stages. Each stage must be completed in order, but progress can be made on all missions within a single stage simultaneously. These missions range from earning vision scores and achieving triple kills to playing with premade teams and taking down neutral monsters.

Completing these missions rewards players with LoL Event XP, which progresses them through the pass track, unlocking various rewards along the way. It's important to note that these objectives can only be achieved in matchmade games, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Loot Bundles: A Celebration of Rewards

What's a proper celebration without an abundance of loot? The Hall of Legends 2024 Pass offers a variety of loot bundles, each containing exciting rewards for players to enjoy.

The Hall of Legends 2024 Orb, purchasable with RP, contains a random Skin Shard and increases the Mythic Essence drop rate. These orbs also have a chance to drop a Hall of Legends 2024 Grab Bag, which guarantees skin shards of varying values and offers a bonus chance for Mythic Essence.

For those looking for even more value, the Hall of Legends 2024 Exclusive Pack, available only with the 50 Orb Bundle, offers an impressive array of skin shards and permanents, along with a bonus chance for Mythic Essence.

Honoring a Legend: Faker's Induction

The Hall of Legends 2024 Pass is a tribute to the legendary player, Faker, who is being inducted into the Hall of Legends this year. The independent voting panel, consisting of esports industry veterans and experts from every region, selected Faker based on his outstanding international and regional achievements, role-specific stats, and overall contributions to the sport.

As part of this celebration, Faker and some LoL Esports teams will share 30% of the gross revenue generated from the Hall of Legends event, further cementing the significance of this momentous occasion.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Hall of Legends

While the Hall of Legends 2024 content is currently available for a limited time only, with no plans for it to return to loot pools or rerolls, the future looks bright for this initiative. Riot Games plans to honor all future Hall of Legends inductees with custom in-game events and cosmetics that reflect their unique League of Legends careers.

As this is a new endeavor, the types of cosmetics created to celebrate each player's legacy may evolve based on player feedback and preferences. Nevertheless, players can look forward to pass experiences that honor and commemorate the achievements of these exceptional individuals.

The Hall of Legends 2024 Pass is an exciting opportunity for players to engage with the game, earn rewards, and celebrate the induction of a true legend into the Hall of Legends. With its mix of challenging missions and enticing loot bundles, this pass is sure to keep players engaged and eager to see what the future holds for this prestigious initiative.

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