Co-op vs AI Games No Longer Count in League of Legends

June 7, 2024

Attention League of Legends players! We have an important update regarding mission completion in the game. It has recently come to light that missions specifying "Matchmade games only" can no longer be completed in Co-op vs AI games. This change seems to have been implemented with the introduction of the new bots, and it's causing some confusion among players.

Previously, there was a clear distinction between missions that required "Matchmade games only" and those that specified "Matchmade PVP games only." However, it appears that this distinction has either been removed or accidentally altered during the recent update.

As a result, players who were hoping to speed through missions that they might not typically clear in Summoner's Rift or other normal game modes will now have to face the reality of earning those coveted 1.7k playtime points the old-fashioned way. Need help with ranked games? Look for our cheap boosting packages.

This happened before

It's worth noting that this issue has been known to occur sporadically in the past, with Riot Games occasionally forgetting to include the "PvP" requirement in the mission text. In some cases, they have compensated players for the confusion caused by these oversights.

While this change may be frustrating for those who rely on Co-op vs AI games to complete certain missions, such as killing barons, dragons, or obtaining specific vision scores, it's essential to adapt to the current situation until further clarification is provided.

Riot response

As the League of Legends community awaits an official response from Riot Games regarding this matter, it's crucial to keep an eye out for any updates or revisions to the mission requirements. In the meantime, players will need to focus on completing their missions through Summoner's Rift and other PvP game modes.

We understand that this sudden change may be inconvenient for some players, especially those who prefer the less competitive atmosphere of Co-op vs AI games. However, we encourage everyone to remain patient and adaptable as we navigate these mission adjustments together.

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