20 Rare League of Legends Facts You Did Not Know

April 20, 2024

In this article, we'll explore 20 rare and fascinating facts about League of Legends that you probably didn't know. From champion interactions and voice actor connections to obscure in-game events and lore tidbits, these details will give you a deeper appreciation for the game and its rich universe. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, prepare to be amazed by the secrets waiting to be uncovered. Let's dive in and explore the hidden depths of League of Legends!

  1. Thresh starts with one soul if he's against Lucian in the game. Additionally, he gets two souls from killing Nunu & Willump, but only one from killing Sejuani & Bristle.
  2. According to Riot, eating Poros results in them eating their way out of your stomach Alien-style, all while still looking adorable. If you try to chew them before swallowing, they split into pieces, and every piece becomes a new Poro.
  3. Draven, Jax, and Vel'Koz have the same voice actor. Playing their voice lines for someone who doesn't play League would make it hard for them to tell the champions apart.
  4. Evelynn's voice actress remains unidentified, possibly for good reason.
  5. There is a special quest called "Leader of the Freljord" that gives you a crown once you win. This happens when two of the three Freljordian tribe leaders (Ashe, Lissandra, and Sejuani) are in a game on opposite teams, either on Summoner's Rift or Howling Abyss.
  6. Shaco can bind his clone with Zeke's Convergence. Pressing R again while the clone is active procs the item's aura.
  7. Kalista's Black Spear is the weapon Hecarim killed her with.
  8. It is strongly believed that the Maiden of the Mist was the wife of the Ruined King, and his attempt to resurrect her brought about the ruination of the Blessed Isles.
  9. Zoe and Taliyah are voiced by the same person, Erica Lindbeck. Similarly, Gangplank and Wolf are voiced by Matthew Mercer, while Cassiopeia, Fiora, and Zyra are voiced by Karen Strassman.
  10. The names of Karma's and Heimerdinger's abilities change when they are empowered by their ultimates.
  11. Fiora is strongly implied to be lesbian.
  12. The body Pantheon, the Aspect of War, currently inhabits is that of a man called Atreus.
  13. There are Shuriman port cities that have willfully integrated into the Noxian Empire.
  14. Lux has a horse called Starfire, which she kept even after it broke a leg, while others might have put it down.
  15. Darius and Swain have one important disagreement: whether loyalty to family or the empire is more important.
  16. Aatrox tries to destroy the world in the desperate hope that he might die along with it.
  17. In the Odyssey universe, Kayn is a high-ranking military officer and close friend to the ruler of the Demaxian Empire, King Jarvan.
  18. Xerath's name, meaning "one who shares," was given to him by Prince Azir when he was just a nameless slave.
  19. The Maiden of the Mist has been confirmed to be a mass of souls and is the same as the cape Yorick wears.
  20. Nunu and Annie used to be voiced by the same person.
  21. (bonus fact) The easiest way to climb the ranks stress free is to get a cheap duo carry.

These fascinating facts shed light on the intricate lore and hidden details within the world of League of Legends, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.

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