Escape Low Elo in League of Legends – 1 Minute Guide

April 18, 2024

Play safe and aware between minutes 3 to 4

The early game is a crucial time where enemy junglers often look to gank lanes. During this period, position defensively in your lane and avoid overextending without vision. Keep an eye on the minimap and watch for the enemy jungler's movements.

Hold your escape/disengage abilities

When playing against an aggressive jungler, save your mobility spells and CC abilities to escape ganks. Don't waste your flash or dashes harassing the enemy laner if it leaves you vulnerable to a gank.

Run away from the direction of the enemy jungler

If you spot the enemy jungler approaching your lane, immediately move to the opposite side of where they are coming from. This will give you the most distance and time to escape to your tower safely.

Manage minion waves to set up ganks

Minion wave management is a key skill for setting up plays. Let the enemy wave push into your tower, then thin the wave so it slowly pushes back towards the enemy turret. This will give your jungler space to come in for a gank as the enemy overextends.

Roam when ahead in your matchup

If you have kill pressure in your 1v1 and can safely push out the wave, look to roam to other lanes or invade the enemy jungle. Don't rely on your teammates to follow up - only roam if you are confident you can win the 1v1 against the enemy laner or jungler.

Coordinate ganks with your jungler

Help your jungler secure successful ganks by engaging on the enemy as they approach. Ping the enemy's flash cooldown and indicate you're ready to commit. Follow up on your jungler's CC abilities and do your part in the damage trade.

Don't take unnecessary risks

If your jungler tries to force a gank when you're low health or the wave is pushing away, spam ping them back. It's better to give up a bit of CS than dying and giving away shutdown gold.

Secure mid priority before objectives

Push out mid lane and try to damage the enemy tower before moving to contested objectives like Dragon or Baron. This will give your team better map control and more paths to rotate to the objective.

Watch the minimap and avoid facechecking

Keep a mental count of how many enemies are visible on the map. If multiple enemies are missing, avoid facechecking unwarded brush or jungle entrances. Ping your team back from dangerous areas until you have sufficient vision.

Use sidelane pressure to force objectives

When ahead, use sidelane pressure to force the enemy team to respond, opening up plays on the opposite side of the map. If they send multiple members to stop your split push, ping your team to start Baron or push down mid.

Spend your gold on power spikes

Make smart recall timings to spend your gold, especially when you can hit a major item spike. Having a Mythic item advantage can give you the combat stats to win key teamfights.

Set up bait plays around Baron

If you're ahead, have your tank start damaging Baron around 25 minutes to bait the enemy team into face checking the pit. Once they commit, turn and burst them down in the tight choke. Even if you don't get Baron, you can take the numbers advantage and push to end.

The key to climbing is to continuously look for small edges over your opponent, whether that's a minion advantage, a level lead, or an item spike. Master the fundamentals of wave management, vision control and map rotations. Communicate often with pings and be willing to follow up on your teammates' plays. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and don't tilt from a few bad games. Consistent, focused effort will lead to steady LP gains.

Don't know enough about the game yet? One good way to learn is to look for a duo carry. You would be playing next to a pro in real time, so you can watch and learn.

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