Maximum LP per ranked match in League of Legends

April 12, 2024

Are you looking to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends and gain as much LP as possible per match? A recent thesis titled "ANALYSIS OF MATCH QUALITY IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ACROSS DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY" provides some fascinating insights that could help you optimize your ranked grind.

The study analyzed 100,000 matches from the LoL API to determine the hours when players tend to play at their best (high quality games) versus their worst (low quality games). The key assumption was that games with a higher average rank of the players indicate better overall gameplay, since LoL uses a skill-based matchmaking system.

So what were the findings? Here are the key takeaways:

Queue up late at night for easier games and more LP

The analysis showed that the lowest quality games occur between 1 AM and 7 AM. This suggests that during these late night/early morning hours, players are more likely to be tired, tilted, and rage queuing.

As a result, if you want to maximize your chances of winning and gaining LP, queuing up during this time period could be advantageous. You're more likely to face off against lower quality opponents who are not playing their best. Of course, you'll need to ensure you're on top of your own game and not falling victim to the same late night tilt yourself.

Play in the afternoon for the most competitive games

On the flip side, the study found that the highest quality games tend to occur around 4 PM. Players queuing up in the late afternoon are likely to be more alert, focused and in a better mental state compared to the late night crowd.

So if you're looking to improve your skills by testing yourself against tougher competition, the afternoon is the ideal time to queue up. You'll likely face better opponents playing at a higher level, which can help sharpen your mechanics and decision making. Just be prepared for harder-fought games and potentially slower LP gains.

Avoid the post-midnight lull

The analysis also revealed that the period from midnight to 7 AM has a significant dip in game quality compared to the rest of the day. The post-midnight hours tend to bring out the worst in many players - fatigue, frustration, and reckless YOLO queue decisions.

To maintain a healthy win rate and LP gains, it's probably best to avoid queuing up during this time unless you have a full premade of focused, untiltable friends. Stick to the afternoon and evening hours when the overall player base is playing at a higher level.

Other factors to consider

While this study provides valuable insights, it's important to note that time of day is just one variable influencing game quality and LP gains/losses. Other key factors include:

  1. Day of week: Weekends may see an influx of casual players compared to weekdays
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  3. Patches and metas: A new patch or evolving meta can shake up the usual matchmaking dynamics
  4. Your own physical and mental state: Make sure you are well-rested, focused, and untilted yourself before jumping into ranked

Putting it into practice

Armed with these insights, you can start optimizing your ranked grinding schedule for maximum LP gains:

  1. Queue up in the late night hours if you're looking for easier games and faster LP gains
  2. Play in the afternoon if you want tougher games against better opponents to sharpen your skills
  3. Avoid the low quality post-midnight period from 1-7 AM
  4. Consider other factors like day of week and your own condition
  5. Stay focused, positive and untilted to perform your best

Hopefully this breakdown of the study findings helps you make the most of your ranked climbs! Stay focused on your goals, put in the games at the right times, and the LP gains will follow. GLHF!

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