How to Maximize Your Gains from TrueSkill 2

March 9, 2024

True Skill 2

Season 14's updates to the League of Legends ranked system offer new opportunities for skilled players to shoot up the ladder through individual performance. By understanding how the new MMR systems evaluate your play, you can optimize your solo carry potential and climb faster than ever. Here's how to do it.

Embrace the Performance Grind

The new TrueSkill 2 system looks beyond just wins and losses to judge your actual impact in each game. Metrics like KDA, CS, vision score, objective control, and overall damage dealt all paint a picture of your value to the team.

To maximize your MMR gains, you need to consistently put up strong individual numbers. Aim to dominate your lane, secure kills across the map, and be a primary damage threat in team fights. Playing selfishly to pad your stats is inadvisable, but playing aggressively to create leads is more likely to be rewarded.

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Specialize Your Champion Pool

While being a flexible generalist is great for professional play, Solo Queue often rewards one-tricking or specializing in a small pool of carry champions. TrueSkill 2 is able to evaluate your performance on specific champions and roles, so spamming games on your best picks can inflate your MMR.

Focus on mastering a few highly influential champions that can snowball leads and take over games. Whether it's a hyper-scaling late game monster or an early game stomper, being exceptional at your comfort picks is the surest path to LP gains.

Adapt Your Playstyle

The most successful Solo Queue players are able to adapt their playstyle to fit the needs of each game. If your team lacks frontline engage, be willing to pick up a tank and soak damage. If you need magical DPS, break out a battle mage and shred through fights.

While your main role should be your primary comfort zone, being able to flex into other styles when needed will lead to more wins and better performance evaluations. Don't be afraid to experiment with new picks that fit your team's needs.

Shot Call and Lead

In Solo Queue, decisive calls are often more effective than perfect ones. If you have a good read on the flow of the game, be vocal about objectives to focus, team fight timings to hit, and rotations to make.

Pinging out plays and vocalizing your intentions through chat can rally your team around a unified gameplan. By stepping up as a leader and putting the team in positions to succeed, you increase your chances of big MMR gains from decisive victories.

Close Out Clean

To maximize your MMR gains from wins, aim to close out games cleanly and efficiently. Stomps where you suffocate the enemy team and take an early surrender will boost your rating more than sloppy 40+ minute fiestas.

Always look to press your advantage through decisive Baron calls, deep vision control, and aggressive rotations into the enemy jungle. Starving opponents out of resources and XP will lead to shorter games that pad your stats and keep MMR high.

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Stay Untiltable

Even with the new MMR system's focus on individual performance, League is still a team game. There will be unwinnable games, trolls, AFKs, and just plain bad luck that leads to LP losses.

The key is to stay level-headed and avoid going on huge tilt streaks that tank your MMR. Take breaks after rough losses, disable chat if needed, and focus on YOUR play rather than teammates' mistakes. Keeping a 60%+ winrate through hundreds of games requires serious mental resilience.


By playing to the strengths of the Season 14 ranked system, you can speed up your solo climb and achieve your ranked goals. Focus on personal performance, specialize your champion pool, and be a leader for your team.

With the right mental approach and a dedication to constant improvement, you can become an unstoppable Solo Queue force. Stay hungry, keep grinding, and show Riot's new system just how hard you can carry.

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