Top 10 LoL Boosting Champions in S14 – 1 Minute Guide

March 12, 2024

In League of Legends Season 14, the meta has shifted due to various buffs, nerfs, and item changes. Some champions have emerged as top-tier solo carry picks, capable of dominating their respective lanes and carrying games. In this article, we'll cover the Top 10 Boosting Champions for League of Legends Season 14, along with their optimal builds, runes, and counters.

1. Wukong (Top Lane)

  • Buffs to passive, increasing early skirmishing power
  • Effective against AD champions due to armor from passive
  • Strong against Darius and Jayce
  • Build: Trinity Force, Eclipse, Ravenous Hydra
  • Runes: Conqueror, Triumph, Alacrity, Last Stand

2. Urgot (Top Lane)

  • Indirectly buffed from item changes and nerfs to other top laners
  • Strong laning phase against most meta top laners
  • Two item spike with Hullbreaker and Black Cleaver for excellent dueling
  • Runes: Press the Attack or Fleet Footwork
  • Countered slightly by Mordekaiser
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3. Viego (Jungle)

  • Remains strong despite nerfs due to new Eclipse, Sunderer, Sterak's bruiser build
  • Runes: Press the Attack with Ingenious Hunter
  • Bans Janna or Maokai for peel

4. Ahri (Mid Lane)

  • Benefits from item and rune buffs
  • Build: Everfrost or Mandate with Shadowflame second
  • Runes: Electrocute
  • Countered by Twisted Fate's gold card

5. Cassiopeia (Mid Lane)

  • Strong due to item and rune buffs
  • Build: Rod of Ages into Archangel's into Shadowflame
  • Runes: First Strike

6. Caitlyn (ADC)

  • Still strong despite small nerf
  • Build: Ghostblade into Prowler's Claw lethality
  • Uses stopwatch/bone plating to survive laning

7. Miss Fortune (ADC)

  • Great lethality user like Caitlyn
  • Build: Ghostblade into Youmuus powerspike
  • Runes: First Strike
  • Bans dive threats

8. Olaf (Top Lane)

  • Underrated due to strong new Stridebreaker, Sunderer build
  • Spikes hard with two items
  • Good into Mordekaiser and Jax, countered by Trundle
  • Runes: Conqueror, Triumph, Tenacity, Last Stand
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9. Volibear (Jungle)

  • Rising due to Q and R buffs, increasing early game impact
  • Build: Rushes Sunderer into Dead Man's Plate for damage and durability
  • Runes: Press the Attack
  • Countered slightly by Lillia's kiting

10. Blitzcrank (Support)

  • Benefits from item changes
  • Build: Glacial Augment into Zeke's
  • Hard counters enchanters and squishy mages

Honorable Mentions

  • Kha'Zix (Jungle)
  • Jinx (ADC)
  • Karma (Mid Lane)
  • Camille (Support)
  • Maokai (Support)

By mastering these top-tier solo carry champions and adapting to the current meta, you can increase your chances of climbing the ranks in League of Legends Season 14. Remember to practice their optimal builds, runes, and counterpicks to maximize your impact on the game.

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