Does LoL Boosting Increase Your Ranked MMR?

June 5, 2024

League of Legends is a highly competitive game where players strive to climb the ranked ladder and improve their skills. One controversial method some players use to boost their rank is through boosting, where a high-skilled player plays on their account to win games and increase their rank. But does using boosting actually increase your ranked MMR?

What is MMR?

MMR is a hidden rating system used by the LoL ranked system to determine the skill level of players and match them with others of similar skill. It is separate from your visible rank (e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold) but influences it. Winning games increases your MMR, while losing games decreases it.

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The Impact of Carry Services on MMR

When you use boosting, a high-skilled player wins a significant number of games on your account in a short period. If the boost is substantial enough, it's likely that the ranked MMR system will detect your account winning a lot and give it an MMR boost.

A higher MMR provides several advantages:

  1. You lose fewer League Points (LP) per match when you have a loss.
  2. You gain more LP per match when you win.
  3. If you're at risk of demotion to a lower rank, a higher MMR requires more losses before you get demoted.

So in this sense, yes - a successful boost from boosting services can increase your account's MMR and provide some protection against losing your new rank in the short term.

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