How Long Does Boosting Usually Take?

June 22, 2024

If you're looking to hire a boosting service to rank up your League of Legends account, one of the main questions you probably have is how long the process will take. The duration depends on a few key factors, including the skill of the booster, your current rank, your desired rank, and the time of year.

Professional boosters:

A highly skilled booster can typically rank up an account by at least 1 division per day, or achieve a minimum of 5 wins per day. However, the speed varies significantly based on the rank. In lower ranks like Bronze, an excellent player can maintain a near 100% win rate and climb extremely quickly. But even the best players in the world may lose around 30% of their games in high ranks like Master, especially during the final days of the competitive season when competition is fierce.

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Your rank matters:

For example, going from Bronze to Silver might take a skilled booster only 1-2 days, while climbing from Diamond to Master could take well over a week, even with a very high win rate. Boosting is fastest in the early and mid ranks, and progressively slows down in higher ranks.

Time of the year:

The time of year also makes a big difference, since many more players are grinding ranked games and competition is tougher at season end. Boosting tends to be slower during this period compared to earlier in the season.

To sum it up:

So in short, how long a boost takes depends mostly on four things - the booster's skill level, your starting and ending ranks, and the time of season. A boost could be as quick as a couple days or take a few weeks. The service should give you a time estimate based on your specific situation. Choosing a highly-rated, veteran booster is your best bet for the fastest boost possible.

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