How Support Players Can Impact the Jungle in League of Legends?

April 26, 2024

Are you a support player? I sure am, so today's topic of discussion hit me right in the spot. You know when you're playing League as a support, and the enemy jungler just starts wrecking everything? It can feel like there's nothing you can do, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that's not true at all! There are actually some pretty sick strats you can use to help your team out and maybe even turn things around.

First up, let's talk about vision control

This is where you come in clutch as a support. By dropping some deep wards in the enemy jungle, you can keep tabs on where their jungler is at all times. This way, you can give your teammates a heads up when they're about to get ganked, and your own jungler can make some big brain plays by counter-ganking or invading.

Another thing you can do is roam to other lanes when they need help

If you see the enemy jungler heading towards mid or top, don't be afraid to ditch your ADC for a bit and go lend a hand. Even if you don't get a kill, just being there can make the jungler think twice and give your teammate some space to breathe.

You can also try to bait the enemy jungler into ganking your lane and then dip out at the last second. This wastes their time and can even make them fall behind in levels and gold. If you can get your jungler to come in for a counter-gank, even better! I use this strat any chance I get. Very OP in my bracket.

And don't forget, winning your own lane is huge

If you can dominate your opponent, you'll create a ton of pressure and draw attention away from other lanes. This gives your jungler more room to do their thing.

Now, I know there are some games where the enemy jungler just gets too fed and there's not much you can do. In those situations, don't get tilted. Keep warding, roaming, and making plays where you can, but also be ready to play it safe and wait for your team to scale up.

At the end of the day, supports have a lot more impact on the jungle than you might think. With vision control, roaming, baiting, and winning your lane, you can be a huge factor in shutting down an enemy jungler and helping your team get that dub. And hey, if you're really struggling, you can always look into some cheap duo carry to make sure you have a good carry on your team. Trust me, there's nothing worse than supporting a carry who ends up griefing you.

So next time you're in a game with a fed enemy jungler, don't just sit there and take it. Get out there and make some plays! With the right moves and some teamwork, you might just be surprised at how much impact you can have from the support role. Let's get it!

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