How to Set the Pace of the Game as Lux Mid

May 20, 2024

As a low elo player, you may find yourself struggling to set the pace of the game when playing Lux in the mid lane, even when you're extremely fed. It's a common challenge to feel like you're playing reactively to others instead of spreading your lead and taking control of the game. In this post, we'll explore some techniques and strategies to help you overcome this hurdle and master the art of setting the pace as Lux.

Catching Rotating Players:

Lux excels at catching players who are rotating without vision. To capitalize on this strength, exchange your warding trinket for a sweeper and carry pink wards. When you anticipate the enemy team rotating for a gank or objective, clear their vision and fish for a catch with your Q. Lux's Q from fog of war is incredibly difficult to dodge, allowing you to secure kills or gain a significant health advantage. However, be cautious when targeting tanks, as they may not be as vulnerable to your combo.

Staying at Range and Snowballing:

One of Lux's key advantages is her ability to stay at range. Consider buying an early Dark Seal to help you snowball with this playstyle. By maintaining a safe distance, you can minimize your own risk while putting pressure on the enemy team. Just be very cautious about your own rotations and avoid venturing into the fog without proper vision control.

Hovering on the Side of the Map:

Between waves, position yourself on the side of the map where fighting is likely to occur. For example, if the top lane is extended, hover around your top jungle. This allows you to potentially catch the enemy mid laner while they're rotating for a kill in the top lane. If you're unsure where to go, hovering near your jungler is a good default option. However, make sure to return to your lane in time to collect CS and shove the wave back to maintain your farm.

Vision Control:

Vision control is crucial when playing Lux. The biggest risk is walking into enemy vision or face-checking their jungler. Prioritize anti-vision measures to deny the enemy team information about your movements. This playstyle may feel quite reactive, but it plays to Lux's strengths and weaknesses.

Considerations for Low Elo:

In lower MMR brackets, you may find that there's a lack of jungle shadowing and support warding to enable your side lane farming past the laning phase. If this is the case, consider playing Lux as a support instead. As a pick-based mage with great control around river chokes, Lux relies on her team to set up vision to fully utilize her kit.

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While setting the pace as Lux in the mid lane can be challenging, especially in low elo, it's not impossible. By leveraging her strengths in catching rotating players, staying at range, hovering on the side of the map, and prioritizing vision control, you can start to take control of the game and spread your lead. Remember to adapt your playstyle based on your team's coordination and the overall game state. With practice and patience, you'll be able to master the art of setting the pace as Lux and climb the ranks in no time.

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