What Can A Support Do When Their Team Splits Up Mid-Late?

May 19, 2024

As a Silver enchanter (Nami) support main, I've been facing a recurring challenge in my games lately. It seems that my team's tendency to split up during the mid-late game phase is leading to a series of losses. This issue becomes particularly prominent when the next objective is about to spawn in approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds, and my teammates decide to disperse and push into lanes or invade the enemy jungle.

While gaining priority is important, the problem arises when the enemy team sticks together and methodically picks off my scattered teammates one by one. This numerical advantage then translates into the enemy team steamrolling us in every subsequent objective fight.

What I usually do:

During this critical phase of the game, I often find myself running around trying to put out fires, but it always feels like I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, if I'm with my top laner securing vision around the upcoming Baron, and four enemies are on the bot side, they might kill my ADC who is farming and my jungler who comes to assist. Then, all four enemies converge on the Baron, while two of my teammates with no Teleport have 30-second death timers and won't respawn in time to contest the objective.

So, what can you do to address this issue? Here are a few suggestion:

  1. Take the initiative and make calls yourself. Consistently ping objectives to remind your teammates of their importance and keep them focused.
  2. Prioritize securing your jungler, as they play a crucial role in securing objectives. Having good vision on Baron is of little use if your jungler dies and you can't contest or take it.
  3. Position yourself on the side of the map where at least two other teammates are present. Avoid trying to save overextended teammates who are farming alone in side lanes.
  4. Identify your team's win condition and stay close to them, but be aware that in Silver, even the win condition player may make mistakes and die in unfavorable situations.
  5. Track the enemy team's movements based on vision and non-vision information. As a support, you have the best opportunity to invest time in this aspect.
  6. Use pings to warn teammates of potential danger when enemies are missing or to alert them when enemies are spotted again.
  7. Ping neutral objectives a minute in advance and indicate which structures the team should prioritize next. This can provide valuable guidance to newer laners who may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the game.
  8. Remind teammates to reset before significant objectives to ensure they have spent their gold efficiently.
  9. Learn how to play the map and close out games effectively. Be prepared to lead the team with a plan and clear communication.
  10. Reach for help if needed. Check out these cheap Duo Carry services.

It's important to remember that not every teammate will follow your lead or be receptive to suggestions. However, by developing these skills and communicating effectively, you can increase your chances of climbing the ranks.

In final words, navigating the challenges of mid-late game teamfights as a support requires a proactive approach, effective communication, and a keen understanding of map play. By implementing these strategies and adapting to your team's needs, you can minimize the impact of scattered teamfights and improve your overall game performance.

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