How to Take Control of The Game When Ahead in Lane?

May 25, 2024

As a passionate League of Legends player who mains control mages, particularly Anivia, I've often found myself winning lane but struggling to translate that advantage into a victory for my team. In this post, I'll share some insights and advice from a high-ranking player who has successfully climbed from a similar position to Diamond 1, nearly reaching Master tier.

The Challenges of Carrying as a Control Mage:

Many control mage players, myself included, excel at winning lane through superior CS, experience gains, and even solokills. However, when faced with teammates who are struggling against their opponents, it can feel like an uphill battle to carry the game. This raises questions about the role and playstyle of control mages, particularly in terms of map presence and teamfighting.

Advice from a High-Ranking Player:

  1. Snowballing the Lane:
    If you're consistently solokilling your opponent, focus on staying in lane and taking down the tower. If the enemy jungler tries to intervene, your lead should allow you to win the 2v1 encounter.
  2. Roaming and Applying Pressure:
    When faced with a safe or difficult matchup, or if the enemy jungler is camping your lane, prioritize hard shoving the wave and roaming. Look for opportunities to impact other lanes or invade the enemy jungle to establish vision control and potentially secure kills.
  3. Adapting to Lane States:
    If both side lanes are pushed under their towers and are not gankable, continue to hard shove your wave and invade the enemy jungle. Even if you can't secure a kill on the enemy jungler, establishing deep vision can provide valuable information for your team.
  4. Itemization:
    Consider purchasing Tier 2 boots early to enhance your roaming potential and dodging abilities in lane. Adapt your build based on the matchup, prioritizing boots for skillshot-heavy opponents or when you need to roam frequently.
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Putting the Advice into Practice:

To internalize these concepts, try experimenting with different rune setups, such as taking Manaflow Band and Waterwalking as secondary runes. This will encourage you to roam more often and make use of the bonus movement speed. While it may not be the optimal setup for Anivia, it can help you develop better map awareness and roaming habits.

Climbing the ranks as a control mage player requires a proactive playstyle that balances lane dominance with map presence. By applying pressure through hard shoving and strategic roaming, you can create opportunities for yourself and your team to secure objectives and close out games. Remember to adapt your build and playstyle based on the matchup and game state, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks to extend your lead. With practice and persistence, you can master the art of carrying as a control mage and reach new heights in your League of Legends journey.

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