Senna Seraphine Bot Needs to Be Nerfed

May 31, 2024

The Senna Seraphine botlane has emerged as a formidable and frustrating combination for many players, particularly for ADC mains. This unconventional duo has been causing headaches for opponents, leading to calls for nerfs and balance changes.

The Senna Seraphine Synergy:

The synergy between Senna and Seraphine is undeniable. Their combined healing, shielding, and damage output make them a force to be reckoned with in the botlane. Even if they don't dominate the laning phase, their scaling potential and teamfight presence can quickly turn the tide of the game in their favor.

The Frustration for ADC Mains:

For ADC mains, facing the Senna Seraphine botlane can be a demoralizing experience. The traditional marksman role feels less impactful when faced with the endless sustain and utility provided by this duo. Many players find themselves contemplating dodging the game altogether when they encounter this matchup. Wish to learn the matchups from a pro? Check out these cheap Duo Carry services.

The Need for Counterplay:

While some argue that the Senna Seraphine botlane adds diversity to the meta and challenges the conventional marksman paradigm, others believe that it lacks sufficient counterplay options. The sheer amount of healing and shielding they provide can make it difficult for opposing teams to effectively engage and secure kills.

Balancing Act:

Riot Games faces a delicate balancing act when it comes to addressing the Senna Seraphine botlane. While nerfs may be warranted to bring them in line with other botlane combinations, it's important not to overcorrect and render them unviable. Finding the right balance will be crucial to maintain a healthy and diverse meta.

Adapting to the Meta:

As frustrating as it may be, players must also learn to adapt to the changing meta. Experimenting with alternative champion picks, such as AP Kai'Sa or Ziggs, can potentially provide a way to counter the Senna Seraphine botlane. Coordinating with the jungler to apply early pressure and shut them down before they scale could also be a viable strategy.

To sum it up:

The Senna Seraphine botlane has undoubtedly shaken up the meta and caused frustration for many players, particularly ADC mains. While calls for nerfs are understandable, finding the right balance is crucial to maintain a diverse and healthy game.

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