Vanguard in LoL Has Banned Almost 50K Accounts, But Daily Player Numbers are Unaffected

June 20, 2024

Riot Games recently implemented their anti-cheat software Vanguard into League of Legends. In just a month, Vanguard has banned nearly 50,000 accounts associated with scripting and cheating. Remarkably, despite this high number of bans, the game's daily player count remains unaffected according to Riot.

The company shared that over 2,000 of the banned accounts were in the Diamond rank or higher, which represents a significant portion of high-level competitive play. This has led many in the community to wonder - are these bans making a noticeable difference in matches?

While it may be difficult for the average player to perceive the impact, those who spend more time in-game, especially in higher ranks, may have noticed a shift. Diamond+ players in particular are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences, as Riot specifically called out the high number of cheaters removed from those ranks.

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It's impressive to see Vanguard having such a strong effect in combating cheaters and scripters, while not driving away the overall player base. This bodes well for the long-term competitive integrity and health of League of Legends. As Vanguard continues to protect the game, hopefully the community will see fairer matches and an even playing field at all levels.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a difference in your games since Vanguard was implemented?

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