What Win Rate Does LoL Placement Boosting Guarantee?

June 11, 2024

When purchasing a League of Legends placement games boost from a reputable boosting service, customers can generally expect a win rate guarantee of at least 65% or higher. Placement games are the initial 10 ranked games played on a fresh account or at the start of a new ranked season that determine a player's starting rank. Since placement games have an outsized impact on a player's starting MMR and rank compared to regular ranked games, winning the majority of placement games can provide a significant boost right out of the gate.

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Professional players:

Professional LoL boosters who offer placement game carry services are highly skilled players, often at Diamond rank or above. With their game knowledge and mechanics, they are able to consistently win a high percentage of games even at smurf MMRs. While no service can guarantee a 100% win rate, most will offer a minimum win rate of 65-80% for placement games. This means the booster pledges to win at least 6.5 to 8 out of your 10 placement games.

Substantial LP gain:

Because of the substantial LP gains awarded for each win during placements, boosting placement games is often the most time and cost effective way to boost an account's rank. Winning 8/10 placements could place an account multiple tiers higher than winning just 5/10 for example, at a fraction of the cost of boosting the same number of divisions through regular ranked games.

To sum it up:

Of course, individual results may vary depending on factors like the booster's skill level, the role and champions played, and the MMR of teammates and opponents. But in general, purchasing a placement games boost with a 65%+ win rate guarantee from an experienced booster is an efficient way to secure a favorable rank to start off the season. As always, players should research boosting services carefully to ensure they are reputable and have a track record of delivering the advertised win rates.

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