25 Gameplay & Lore Facts about Jinx by 3M Mastery Challenger

September 14, 2023

When it comes to League of Legends' vibrant roster of champions, Jinx stands out with her chaotic energy and unique playstyle. However, many nuances of her character and gameplay are often overlooked. Here, we hop into some lesser-known facts about the Piltover menace.


  1. Strategic Vision with Flame Chompers: Not a lot of people know this but you can use Jinx’s flame chompers to get vision! Also their range is pretty big so you could even put them behind a wall and you would likely see your enemy approaching!
  2. Animation Canceling Technique: You can cancel your Q animation after you use your W (zap) if you time just right before it finishes. Using this cancel you can follow up with higher range and higher DPS to finish off your enemy.
  3. Flame Chompers' Arm Time: Upon casting, there's a brief period before the Flame Chompers activate. Astute opponents might exploit this window to walk through them without getting trapped.
  4. Early Wave Management: For an efficient wave clear early in the game, deploy Flame Chompers on caster minions. Following up with two auto-attacks in rocket form leverages the trap's explosion damage for faster wave thinning.
  5. Flashing During the Ultimate: A savvy maneuver involves using the Flash summoner spell during the animation of Jinx's ultimate. This repositions Jinx without redirecting her deadly missile.
  6. Speed up Your Zap: The cast time of W - Zap! decreases as Jinx gains attack speed, enhancing the power of her passive and minigun stacks.
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  8. Zap from Afar: Avoid using W for poking; reserve it for securing cannon minions when pressured or slowing down a ganker.
  9. Need More Mana: Due to her early mana constraints, use rockets and W primarily for full engages or when pushing minions before backing.
  10. Support Synergy: In lane, when your support secures a crowd-control ability like Blitz's hook, Nami's bubble, or Morgana's bind, promptly place your chompers on the affected enemy. Consider maxing chompers second if your support consistently lands their crowd-control abilities.


  1. Unique Interactions with Rivals: Engaging against either Vi or Caitlyn triggers a unique debuff titled "Catch me if you can!". Successfully eliminating one rewards the player with an extra gold, highlighting their intertwined lore.
  2. Surprising Mastery: The highest mastery Jinx player in the world has over 8,300,000 Mastery Points and is currently residing in EUNE Silver II during Season 13.
  3. An Endless Laugh: Jinx stands out as the sole champion whose laugh, true to her manic persona, loops automatically.
  4. Hidden Visual Cues: On triggering her passive, a fleeting green smiley icon becomes visible on Jinx. Similarly, her rocket's explosion also briefly reveals this mischievous smiley.
  5. Easter Egg on Pow-Pow: Observant players will notice a cute pair of bunny ears adorning Jinx's minigun, Pow-Pow, located near her right arm.
  6. Origins of "Jinx": The name isn't merely coincidental. "Jinx" denotes someone or something that heralds misfortune, harmonizing with her tumultuous character.
  7. Zaunite Roots: While she's notorious for her exploits in Piltover, few realize that Jinx's origin traces back to Zaun, the sprawling undercity beneath Piltover.
  8. Parallel Skin Backgrounds: A nod to her rivalry with Vi, the backdrop of Jinx's classic skin mirrors that of Vi’s, albeit post Jinx's trail of devastation in Piltover.
  9. The Mysterious Connection: Jinx seemingly detests Vi, and there's constant speculation about their relationship. Many believe they might be sisters, a theory not yet officially acknowledged by Riot Games.
  10. Tattooed Clues: Both Jinx and Vi sport tattoos of Roman numerals on their faces. Jinx has an "X", while Vi flaunts "VI", denoting the numbers 10 and 6, respectively.
  11. Pop Culture Reference: Jinx's dance animation borrows from pop culture, referencing Jake the Dog from the beloved series "Adventure Time."
  12. Unlikely Affection: A Reddit AMA unveiled that Jinx harbors a wish to hug the explosive enthusiast, Ziggs. However, Ziggs is notably apprehensive about her.
  13. Inspiration Sources: Jinx's unique character draws inspiration from diverse figures like the Joker, Gollum, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tank Girl, as revealed by RiotTeaTime, one of her conceptual artists.
  14. List of Crimes: Jinx's wanted poster humorously lists a slew of crimes she's allegedly committed - murder, unprovoked assault, disturbing the peace, public indecency, murder again, unauthorized property re-coloration, unflattering impersonation of an officer, reckless hexplosive detonation, destruction of the peace, really petty larceny, exorbitant weapon size, some more murders, inciting mass hysteria, making fun of the peace, aggravated jaywalking and forging of official wanted posters.
  15. Homage to Worms: The phrases she utters when launching her "super mega death rocket" echo similar lines associated with bazooka weapons in the Worms video games.
  16. Pop Culture Nods: Her mention of wearing numerous belts might be a subtle reference to Tetsuya Nomura's penchant for incorporating belts into Final Fantasy character designs.
These revelations underscore Jinx's multi-layered design, blending pop culture references, shared lores, and a sprinkling of humor. It reiterates Riot Games' dedication to crafting characters with depth and cultural resonance in the expansive world of League of Legends.

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