A Comprehensive Overview of LoL’s 2023 Ranked Split 2 Alterations

June 11, 2023

New year, new ranked season, and new splits for the first time ever. Riot Games' competitive structure for League of Legends witnessed an exciting overhaul in 2023. The decision to create a split mechanism on the ranking ladder generated significant interest among players. Now that the second split is almost here, it's important to figure out the "what," "why," and "how" of these exciting shifts.


Why did Riot Added Splits to Ranked Queue?


Riot noticed a need for change in the tedious, year-long seasons as part of its continuous commitment to improving player experiences. Split seasons are intended to re-energize players, avoid exhaustion, and provide more opportunities for progress. With each split offering its own set of rewards and adjustments, there's more to look forward to and more reasons to stick around.

Start the Clock: LoL Ranked 2023 Split 2


Sharpen your abilities and plan your strategies, summoners, since the second act of this beautiful new stage, Ranked Split 2, will begin on July 17, 2023. We recommend that you begin your journey to glory by warming up, studying the current meta, and refining your champion pool.


Savor the Rewards: The Spoils of the Split


In the wake of the League of Legends 2023 Ranked Split 1, Riot Games has presented an exciting mix of rewards, designed to stimulate competitiveness and reward players for their dedication. A victorious skin is a centerpiece of the rewards, and all you need to get it is by playing Ranked, earning Split Points, and maintaining at least Honor Level 2. The number of games required to win depends on your rank - 1600 Split Points for Iron, Bronze, or Silver players, and just 80 Split Points for Gold or higher.

The spoils of victory don't stop there. As you accumulate Split Points, you can unlock further rewards including Hextech chests and keys, random ward skin shards, unique emotes, and the Victorious Maokai Icon. And of course, the Honor Rewards will add an extra layer of satisfaction for those who reach Honor Level 3 or higher. It's a comprehensive reward system that, coupled with the game's new split system, ensures the Ranked journey is continuously engaging, challenging, and rewarding. So summoners, it's time to take to the Rift and start earning those rewards!


The Unveiling: What's in Store for Ranked Split 2


There is a tangible enthusiasm for the approaching changes as we switch our attention to the modifications expected in the second split. Riot has planned some exciting adjustments for the ranked ladder in keeping with the concept of continual innovation.

The Emerald Rank

Riot's introduction of the Emerald rank represents a significant shift in the established hierarchy of League of Legends. Aspiring players will no longer be intimidated by the rapid transition from Platinum to Diamond. Instead, the Emerald rank presents an intermediate difficulty, aiming to more effectively analyze and categorize the player base's different skill sets. The Emerald rank intends to address a long-standing issue within the rank distribution, addressing the skill level disparity that is frequently observed within the Platinum and Diamond divisions. By acting as a competitive pit-stop, it makes the genuine Diamond tier more accessible to experienced players looking to level up their gaming, while guaranteeing that the true Diamond tier reflects an elite pool of great potential. Aside from its strategic consequences, the introduction of the Emerald rank delivers a surge of renewed energy and excitement.


Placement Games: Short and Sweet

Riot has decided to reduce the number of placement games from 10 to 5. This adjustment should streamline the early season experience, getting players into their appropriate skill group faster and more efficiently. We're excited to see how this speeds up the initial race in each split.

Promotion Series: A Farewell

In a move sure to bring a collective sigh of relief, Riot is also removing promotion series. These series often caused frustration and stress for players, turning the joy of climbing into a nerve-wracking ordeal. Their removal should result in a smoother, less tumultuous journey up the ranked ladder.


Queue Up: The Future is Bright


We're not just moving towards a new split, but a new era of League of Legends. The implementation of the split system has breathed fresh life into the game, and the start of Ranked Split 2 marks a significant milestone in this journey. With enhanced game mechanisms, refined player experiences, and enticing rewards, this split is poised to be a game-changer.

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