Canyon: The Jungle Mastermind of Rank 1 Korea.

September 10, 2023

If you're keeping an eye on the top-tier League of Legends players, then you've surely heard the name "Canyon". As of now, not only is he ranked one on the Korean server, but he also occupies rank two. How does one player achieve such distinction? Well, a good analysis of his gameplay will reveal the secret! 

The quadrant clearing master

 Canyon's gameplay thrives on his exemplary skill in quadrant clearing and sequencing. He has mastered this tactic to the point that the enemy jungler feels like a puppet in his game. This approach ensures that even when he falls behind, he can quickly bounce back. If we take in consideration his signature champions, Nidalee and Viego gameplay, some might anticipate the typical clear for Nidalee or the expected Viego route: but Canyon often surprises! He enjoys cutting his farming short for what's known as a tempo advantage, even if this sometimes leads to an early, unexpected dive. Yet, even when mistakes are made, such as a dive going wrong, his recovery is what sets him apart. While other junglers might go into damage control mode or become flustered, Canyon recalibrates swiftly, executing decisions that capitalize on the enemy's vulnerabilities.
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Recognizing opportunities and adapting

Canyon's ability to read the game and adapt is nothing short of remarkable, that's why I like to say that he doesn’t only play the game, he reads it perfectly. He identifies the positions of the enemy jungler, syncs with his teammates, and maintains pressure. Even if he makes some mistakes mechanically or makes a game-related mistake, he has a knack for turning things around. His fluidity in the jungle, especially with champions like Nidalee, is almost poetic. You will always see him being proactive during the game and that’s one of the things that makes him unique! The way he can make pressure in the game is asphyxiating for the enemy team, you will never really know where he is or what he’s going to do next, especially because he just doesn’t sit there, AFK farming for the entire game. And this is something you can learn and use in your games too, being proactive is something that can make you win easier especially because your opponents won’t expect it quiet at all!

Case study: Viego game

 Much like with Nidalee, Canyon's approach with Viego is to control tempo and then force the enemy jungler into predictable moves. He uses everything – from vision to predicting the enemy's paths to his advantage, ensuring he's always ahead in the mental game. The patience and restraint he displays, even when the rest of the map seems like a chaos-driven fiesta, is exemplary. It's a lesson for every jungler – sometimes, the best play isn't to extinguish every fire but to control the blaze strategically. 

What's Canyon's secret?

Canyon's gameplay isn't about being mechanically perfect. It's about making the right decisions and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of a League of Legends match. While his in-game decisions might look aggressive or risky, they're grounded in a deep understanding of jungle dynamics. For players looking to up their game, observing and learning from Canyon is invaluable. Not just his highs, but also the moments he messes up. Because it's his ability to recover, adapt, and keep pushing that truly sets him apart. Remember, in the jungle, it's not just about the battles you win but how you navigate the entire war. And Canyon, in this regard, is a master strategist! 

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