Dealing With Insane Wave Clear in League of Legends

April 22, 2024

Have you ever thought to yourself "I don't know what to do against this champ, I've lost mid"? Well, happens to me every other game, that's why I decided to write this post. Let's talk about the struggle of dealing with those pesky mid laners with crazy wave clear in League of Legends. You know the ones - Malzahar, Viktor, and Lux, just to name a few. These champs can wipe out minion waves faster than you can say "gg ez", making it a real pain to get ahead and make those sweet, sweet roam plays. But don't worry, I got your back with some tips to help you outplay these wave-clearing monsters.

First up, let them push the wave to your tower and then ping your jungler for a gank

When they're overextended, they're basically asking to get ganked. It's like they're saying, "Hey, I'm out here all alone, come and get me!" So, make sure you're on the same page with your jungler and set up that gank to teach them a lesson.

Next, if you're tired of dealing with these champs, why not become one yourself?

Pick up champions like Irelia, Yasuo, Yone, Qiyana, Ekko, or Sylas - they're all insane at punishing enemies who overstay their welcome. These champs have the tools to go ham in extended trades and come out on top. So, if you're always facing those wave-clearing nightmares, it might be time to add these bad boys to your champion pool.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these champs often have a serious thirst for mana

They spam their abilities to clear waves, which can leave them running on empty. Keep an eye out for those moments when they've used too much mana early on and punish them hard. It's like taking candy from a baby, except the candy is your LP gains.

If you're feeling extra spicy, try baiting out their wave-clearing abilities by standing outside the minion wave. It's like playing a game of chicken - will they hit you with their spells or clear the wave? If you can dodge their skillshots like a boss, you can temporarily take control of the wave. It takes some practice, but it's so satisfying when you outplay those Ziggs and Xerath players.

When all else fails, set up a freeze near your tower and zone them out. This forces them to overextend just to get some farm, making them prime targets for ganks and all-ins. Champs with good sustain and trading potential, like Sylas, can really make them regret ever stepping up to the minion wave.

Lastly, don't forget that you're not alone out there

Make sure you're communicating with your team, especially your jungler and support. Coordinate those ganks, invades, and objective control to minimize the impact of the enemy's wave clear and secure those juicy advantages elsewhere on the map.

One other advantage that you have in your pocket is a cheap duo carry who can play in your team. I've used it myself and in return I got a friendly pro player who taught me a few tips and tricks related to my laining, and, of course, easy wins.

By using these strats and working with your team, you'll be able to overcome the challenges of facing champs with insane wave clear and come out on top. Remember, wave management and punishing the enemy's weaknesses are the keys to dominating the mid lane.

So, go forth and conquer. Show those wave-clearing monsters who's boss and climb that ranked ladder like the legend you are.

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