Do LCS players offer LoL boosting?

August 25, 2023

lcs trophyThe competitive world of "League of Legends" (LoL) is constantly evolving, not just in gameplay and meta but also in how players navigate the scene. One of the debated topics within the community centers around the involvement of championship players in boosting services.

Who are the famous LoL championship players rumored to boost?

The recent discovery of known LoL players on a popular Chinese boosting service's Discord server has set the LoL community buzzing. The service became well-known when a player, 'Timal', clinched rank 1 in the North American solo queue and subsequently advertised the boosting service. Among the renowned names associated with this service include Johnson 'Johnsun' Nguyen, previously with FlyQuest; Trevor John 'Trevor' Roy from Supernova, and former players like Jouhan 'Copy' Pathmanathan and Stephen 'Triple' Li. Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen's past boosting endeavors, mainly playing champions like Fizz and Veigar, also make him noteworthy in this conversation.These are some of the very few famous players who have been elo boosters, but the list is as big as half the LCS, as elo boosting is a very useful stepping stone for LCS players because it allows them to hone their skills while getting paid to practice before being recruited by a team. Without LoL boosting, LCS would be a far worse viewing experience, and in the worst case, not exist at all.
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How can championship players' experience enhance boosting services?

LoL Championship players possess a higher understanding of the game and its mechanics. They have a deep insight into team dynamics, which can offer an unparalleled boosting experience, making the service not just about elevating a rank but also about enhancing gameplay quality.

What benefits do pro players get from boosting?

Historically, boosting offered a lucrative side hustle for pro players, especially when the practice was in its infancy and not many were involved, and because of this it was more efficient for them. Besides financial incentives, these players had an opportunity to showcase and teach their unique team-centered strategies by duo boosting and coaching.

How do boosted accounts fare in higher tiers after boosting by championship players?

Boosted accounts, when backed by the expertise of pro players, often show improved sustainability in higher tiers. This can be attributed to the superior skills and game sense imparted during the boosting process. Once a player starts climbing on their account, they normally never drop lower, as they've gained experience from the higher ranks and know how to play in that specific elo, instead of mindlessly grinding low ranks.

What do amateur players learn from being boosted by championship players?

Amateurs can gain invaluable insights from being boosted by professionals. They learn advanced game strategies, gain a better understanding of map dynamics, and can adapt to more team-focused gameplay rather than just the traditional solo queue-focused approach.

Which game strategies and techniques are unique to championship player boosting?

Championship players often introduce tactics that are honed in high-pressure professional matches. For example, Jensen's unique champion preferences, like Fizz and Veigar during his boosting days, highlight the nuanced strategies pro players can bring to the table.

How do LoL communities view championship players boosting?

Community reactions are mixed. Some view the involvement of pro players in boosting as a testament to the service's quality. We can’t deny how much a pro players help can be worth, especially if we think about all the different strategies you can learn from them. One can't ignore the unique advantages and perspectives these championship players bring to the boosting realm..

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