How Fast Do LoL Boosters Usually Boost?

August 14, 2023

lol scoresIn the ever-evolving world of online gaming, "boosting" has become a prevalent term, especially within the community of the popular game, League of Legends (LoL). For those unfamiliar, boosting is a service where players pay an expert to elevate their in-game ranking. So, just how quickly do these LoL boosters work their magic? Let's dive in.

How long does an average boosting order take?

It’s usually decided by the booster, depending on where one starts and where one aims to reach, a boosting order could take anywhere from a few hours to several days. For example, boosting from silver to gold might be quick, but going from silver to diamond could take considerably longer due to the increasing difficulty and skill level required. But, if you want your order to be delivered faster you can always pay some extras to have it prioritized.

What is the fastest that a single booster can do?

This largely depends on the skill of the booster. An exceptionally skilled player, especially one in the top tiers of the game, might soar through the lower ranks quickly. They could potentially complete several ranks in a day, especially in lower elo brackets. However, as they approach higher ranks, the progression might slow due to more competition or encounters of other boosters that might make the games slower and more difficult. The most realistic maximum that a booster can reach is 8 ranks per day when playing 24 hours per day and skipping every second rank with high MMR. If the MMR is low, this is not possible.
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What is the absolute fastest speed possible with multiple boosters?

The fastest way of boosting up an account in 2023 is to have a single booster on a standard lol boosting order and another booster on a duo boosting order. Some boosting services allow for what's known as "duo boosting", where a boosters plays pairs up with you, but as only one player is a smurf from Challenger, the speed is dramatically slower.

What are the champions that have the fastest boosting speed for boosters?

The choice of champions can significantly influence the speed of boosting. Some champions, due to their power and impact in the current game meta, can help achieve victory faster. For instance, champions like Qiyana, Hecarim, and Talon often feature in the preferred lists of boosters. Assassins in general are often chosen by boosters since they have high carry potential and high burst damage to snowball into victory before the game reaches even it's mid point.

What is the fastest game mode to boost on?

Ranked Solo/Duo is typically the primary mode boosters opt for since it directly affects a player's rank. While there are other game modes in LoL, the traditional 5v5 Ranked game remains the most popular for boosting purposes because of its direct influence on a player's elo. When it comes to the rare Flex players, as it allows more dramatic team compositions and has less players, Flex can be faster.

What are the fastest roles to boost on?

According to an analysis of 841 elo booster profiles, the jungle role is the most popular, followed closely by mid, then top, ADC, fill, and lastly, support. The jungle role offers the ability to influence all parts of the map, potentially accelerating the victory.

Do boosters make enemies FF15 with superior gameplay?

Absolutely! The games that boosters and your standard gold match is completely different. A booster's gameplay, especially in lower ranks, can be so dominating that it demoralizes the enemy team making them make even more mistakes, leading them to surrender at 15 minutes.


Boosting offers players a chance to play with and against experienced players, providing a learning curve for some. It has grown popular as players see it as a fast track to higher ranks. This method also benefits experienced players by giving them an opportunity to make some money out of their skills. But as with everything, there are pros and cons. The key is understanding what you're getting into and ensuring you're using a reputable service if you decide to go down this route.

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