In-Depth: LCS Stars Who Once Dominated the Boosting Scene

June 9, 2023

Welcome, fellow esports fans! We're diving into an unexplored saga from the League of Legends esports history books. Today, our spotlight lands on the League of Legends (LoL) Championship Series (LCS) stalwarts who previously reigned supreme in the boosting landscape. The burning question: "Why did these LCS aces step into the world of LoL boosting?" Let's unpeel the layers of this enigmatic tale together.

The Booster's Call: LCS Stars' Foray into LoL Boosting

League of Legends, Riot Games' phenomenally popular MOBA, has etched its name in gold in the esports universe. Yet, behind every pro player's victorious roar is a unique backstory, and for some, it includes a chapter on LoL boosting.

LoL boosting, or elo boosting, is the process where skilled players augment another player's rank in exchange for monetary gain. Interestingly, several elite LCS stars dipped their toes into this realm before basking in the spotlight. Why? Well, the esports industry wasn't always the prosperous hub it is today. Many of these players were once ambitious, casual gamers. LoL boosting provided a platform for these gifted individuals to commercialize their expertise.

The Boosting Titans: LCS Icons Who Ruled the Boosting Realm

As we venture further, let's spotlight the protagonists of our narrative. Numerous celebrated LCS stars cut their teeth in the lol boosting domain.
Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong, ormerly with NRG Esports, had a brief period in elo boosting before his meteoric rise in the LCS. In the nascent stages of his career, the allure of steady income from boosting was hard to resist. Despite his prodigious talent, it took a leap into professional play to truly unlock his potential.
Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani is another name synonymous with the boosting scene. Known for his tenure with Team Curse and Counter Logic Gaming, Voyboy acknowledged in an earlier League of Legends forum post that he partook in elo boosting before its repercussions were widely recognized in the community.
Bora "YellowStar" Kim now revered as one of the most accomplished support players in League of Legends history. YellowStar conceded in an interview that he dabbled in boosting during his formative years in the scene.
XiaoWeiXiao a stalwart of Team Impulse, was another notable figure in the boosting landscape before finding his place in the pro league. His expertise in elevating a player to the Master tier fetched a handsome sum of $1300.
Jensen, a player whose narrative is deeply interwoven with elo boosting. Even before his tenure with Cloud9 and now Team Liquid, whispers of his early exploits in boosting persisted. These players, now the flag-bearers of the LCS, have left their boosting days behind, yet their prior roles in boosting lend a fascinating layer to their personal journeys in esports.

The Turning Tides: Boosting Mavericks Become LCS Champions

With a unified aspiration for esports glory, they transitioned from boosting maestros to LCS champions. The path was not without its challenges, but their indomitable spirit prevailed. Their experience in the boosting scene had sharpened their competitive edge, enriched their understanding of the game mechanics, and cultivated the perseverance required to excel in the pro circuit. In a peculiar twist of fate, their past in boosting became a stepping stone to their professional gaming career.

Their stories serve as a testament to their dedication to professional play, demonstrating how their skills honed in the boosting sphere could translate into success in the pro league.The presence of these players in the LCS not only enriched the competitive scene but also played a pivotal role in establishing League of Legends as a premier esport worldwide.

These players have demonstrated that success isn't just about being a powerhouse in the game. It's about harnessing your talent, seizing opportunities, and crafting your own path. We've seen elo boosting serve as a starting point for these prodigious talents. It provided an opportunity for them to develop their talents against a range of playing styles and methods. It not only improved their in-game abilities, but it also provided them with insights into game mechanics that they would not have received otherwise. Even for the players seeking these boosting services, it isn't simply about the end goal of achieving a higher rank. It's about witnessing the prowess of these elite players in action, about learning from their strategies, and about striving to emulate their play styles. In this way, elo boosting has served as an impactful, form of mentorship in the world of esports.

Boosting and Beyond: The Future of LCS Stars

The landscape of LCS has dramatically evolved since our stars' foray into elo boosting. Prize pools have expanded, sponsorships have surged, and pro-gaming careers have become increasingly lucrative. Though the boosting chapter has concluded for our LCS stars, their trailblazing spirit is evident in their current exploits. Their early ventures not only paved the way for their successful careers but also imparted invaluable lessons to the next wave of talent.

As we continue to relish the triumphs of our favorite LCS players, it's crucial to remember the early experiences that molded them. In line with the adage, "a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor," the legacy of our stars' time in the boosting scene stands as a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to their craft.In summary, the early days of elo boosting paint an intriguing chapter in the journey of some of our cherished LCS stars. While they have since ascended to the grandest stages of esports, their time in the boosting scene served as a unique proving ground for their skills, and played a pivotal role in shaping the celebrated figures they are today.Join us next time as we delve deeper into the untold tales of the esports world. Until then, let's keep rooting for our champions, as they continue to evolve, inspire, and dominate the world of esports.

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