LoL Boosting: Is It Worth It?

September 8, 2023

With the meteoric rise of "League of Legends" (LoL) in the esports world, a trend known as "LoL boosting" has emerged, making higher ranks look more easier to reach for some players. So… is LoL boosting genuinely worth the investment?

Efficient climbing of ranks

If you think about the time a player can spend trying to climb the in-game ranks, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Of course you would imagine them (or even yourself!) grinding for countless hours, days, or even months. That’s why boosting provides a shortcut, allowing players to ascend the ladder faster, without any stress and easier than they could've imagined.
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Experiencing higher-level gameplay

Higher tiers in LoL showcase a different caliber of gameplay, where strategy, teamwork, and skills get more intense and intricate. For many, the allure of witnessing this elite gameplay (and having access to high rank cosmetics!) without grinding for hours is too tempting to pass up. People have real lives, and don't want to waste their time getting trolled by the same Yasuo for their 2 hours of gaming time.

Showcasing achievements

There's undeniable prestige in sporting a high rank. For some, displaying such an achievement offers not only bragging rights but also a palpable sense of accomplishment.

Learning from replays

Ever wanted a sneak peek into the mind of a pro? Watching replays of a booster playing on your account can provide invaluable lessons, giving you insights into advanced tactics and strategies! The best to learn is always by focusing on what other people are doing wrong.

Overcoming plateaus

The majority of players feel like they are “stuck” at some point. Usually, being stuck, makes you feel like you can’t overcome that “wall” and boosting is that something you need to crush it!  Boosters will help you bypass these stuck points, so your morale and will to play will be up again just as much as your competitiveness since you will be able to match against better enemies. A lot of times reaching a new tier creates useless anxiety, boosting helps you overcome it.

Boosting packages and services

The majority of boosting companies offer you a good range of packages that go from duo queue boosting to specific tier guarantees, the first one is advised for people that want to learn in first person about ways to boost not only their rank but also their mechanics and knowledge, the second one leans more towards people that want to get to a specific rank (es. Gold 4, Plat 4, Diamond 4) as fast as possible. All these services are tailored for every need the client might have, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit. Packages help you reach a specific tier that you want, without focusing too much afterwards on the said tier, helping you focus more on becoming a better player.

Economic perspective

The boosting industry thrives on demand and supply, and the industry is growing day by day! Boosters earn money for doing something they like, playing the game or teaching clients how to get better, while the clients pay to reach their desired ranks. It's a win-win situation, economically speaking.As we've delved into the world of LoL boosting, it's clear that the advantages it offers are substantial. From saving countless hours to providing a firsthand experience of high-level gameplay, boosting seems to be an efficient answer for many passionate players. And while traditionalists might argue that the real joy lies in the journey, not everyone has the luxury of time or patience for the grind. For those who want to experience the best of LoL without feeling stressed about “being stuck” or prolonged matches, boosting can be a game-changer. It's an investment, not just in your in-game rank but also in your overall gaming experience. So, if you're contemplating whether it's worth it, the evidence heavily leans towards a resounding "Yes, it is!."  

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