Riot Games Decoded: Duo Boosting Allowed in League of Legends

June 11, 2023

What is Duo Boosting in League of Legends?

Duo boosting, a word used frequently in competitive online gaming, refers to the practice of teaming up with another player with a lesser skill level in order to raise his rank or rating. The high elo player,  known as the "booster," uses their advanced ability to carry games, allowing the lower-ranked player to go up the ranking ladder. This technique is common in online games like "League of Legends" and "Dota 2," as well as first-person shooter games like "Overwatch" and "Valorant.".

Duo boosting offers a unique opportunity for less experienced players to learn and improve their gameplay. By teaming up with a more skilled player, they can gain insights into advanced strategies, tactics, and game mechanics, which can be instrumental in their own growth as gamers. This can lead to a better understanding of the game, helping them become better players in the long run. In duo boosting, the less experienced player gets the chance to play games at a higher rank or skill level than they might typically encounter.This exposure can be valuable in understanding the dynamics and pace of high-tier gameplay, helping them adapt and refine their play style for higher-level competition. Duo boosting encourages players to team up and play together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. As players can talk, strategize together, and share the excitement of winning games, the gaming experience may become more fun and less isolating. Furthermore, it may strengthen bonds inside the gaming community, allowing for new friendships and collaborations.

Is Duo Boosting Allowed in League of Legends?

Riot Games, the developers League of Legends, have maintained an intriguingly ambiguous stance on duo boosting. While they have never officially promoted the practice, they have also never openly prohibited it. Duo boosting is fundamentally the same as queuing with a higher-ranked friend in real life. League of Legends includes an option that allows players to pair up with friends for ranked games regardless of rank difference. Duo boosting, therefore, fits within this framework – a player is simply taking advantage of this feature to improve their rank.Importantly, Riot Games has not penalized players for duo boosting. Duo boosting requires the player to actively participate in their games, therefore there is no rule breaking. The player's skill and strategic understanding of the game continue to be vital determinants of the game's outcome. Thus, duo boosting doesn't detract from the core values of the game, which emphasises skill, strategy, and teamwork.

How popular is Duo Boosting in League of Legends?

Duo boosting has begun to match solo boosting in popularity in the world of competitive gaming. While solo boosting has its attraction, it basically removes the player from games, leading many gamers to seek active alternatives. Duo boosting, on the other hand, requires active player participation, which has contributed to its growing popularity. Similar to solo boosting, In terms of improved rank and gameplay benefits, duo boosting can produce equivalent outcomes.
However, the essential difference lies in the player's involvement. Playing Duo or Duo boosting requires a player to play alongside a higher-ranked partner and actively contribute to the game's success. This feature is not only enjoyable but also educational because it exposes the player to higher-level strategies, decision-making, and gameplay. The hands-on experience can prove invaluable, and over time, the player can improve their own skills, thereby benefitting not only from the boosted rank but also from the skill boost.As such, duo boosting offers an alternative to solo boosting, one that enables player involvement and growth. By playing alongside and learning from more skilled players, duo boosters may find that they not only elevate their rank but also their gameplay, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic League of Legends experience.

Riot's Official Stance on Duo Boosting

In conclusion, while Riot Games has not publicly stated their position on duo boosting in League of Legends, Their silence and the absence of punitive measures suggest implicit consent. When examined in the context of the game's in-game duo queue function, duo boosting does not break any rules gameplay principles. It is a testament to the strategic depth of League of Legends and its competitive nature that players continually seek ways to improve and rise through the ranks, even if that means enlisting the help of higher-ranked friends.

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