The Lulu Problem: Bugs and Balance

May 6, 2024

As a Challenger Electrocute Q max Lulu one-trick with nearly a decade of experience, I have fallen in love with the versatility and skill expression that Lulu's kit offers. However, over the past 6+ months, I have noticed two game-breaking bugs that have made playing Lulu feel worse than ever.

The Issues:

  1. "Knock aside CC" - Lulu's ultimate, which pushes enemies away from her, has been affected by Tenacity for over 9 months. This issue seems to affect other champions with similar "Knock aside" abilities as well.
  2. Dash cancels are canceled - When Lulu's ultimate is used to cancel an enemy's dash, the target is no longer CC'd and can cast spells or auto-attack while in the air. This issue affects every dash in the game, making Lulu's ultimate lose its purpose.

The Problem:

I reported these bugs in detail during Patch 14.6, but Lulu had just received 3 buffs in one patch. Fixing these bugs immediately could have made her overpowered. However, I began to wonder if not fixing the bugs would be better for the champion, as it might bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled Lulu players.

Should Lulu Be a Simple Champion?

As an elite Lulu player, I believe she should not be made simpler. Instead, the gap should be bridged in the other direction by making her more complex, allowing her to have a win rate fitting for a champion with a higher skill ceiling.

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Patch 14.11:

Despite Lulu's win rate being low, the latest patch only brought number changes instead of fixing her ultimate's functionality. This decision has left me in disbelief.

Lulu's bugs have been present for months, and the decision to balance her through number changes instead of fixing her kit's functionality is disappointing. As a dedicated Lulu player, I hope that these issues will be addressed to allow her to be played as intended, with the skill expression and versatility that make her such a beloved champion.

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