The Ultimate Guide to LoL’s 2023 Ranked Split 1 Rewards

June 12, 2023

As you go up the Ranked ladder in "League of Legends" in 2023, you will have a new opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and claim your rewards. The first split of the year will last until nearly halfway through the year, till July 16th. During this time, you can receive a variety of incentives for your efforts, demonstrating your dedication and interest in the game. This is the source for learning about all of the awards Riot Games has planned for this year's inaugural Ranked Split 1. We'll go over every part of the reward system, from earning Split Points and Honor Rewards to the prestige of acquiring Victorious skins and regalia.

What are the League of Legends ranked 2023 rewards changes?

Riot Games has redefined the League of Legends ranked rewards system for 2023, setting it apart from other seasons. The most significant change is the revamp of the Victorious skin acquisition process. Previously, obtaining Victorious skins was exclusively tied to achieving Gold rank or higher. However, the 2023 season no longer necessitates this. Now, players earn split points, which they can accumulate throughout the season regardless of their rank. Split points are earned by playing ranked games, and the accumulation accelerates based on performance and winning streaks. Players can expect anything from unique emotes to chromas for their Victorious skins.

Ranked Regalia

The Ranked Regalia is a magnificent addition that fully captures the spirit of competition and the essence of achievement in League of Legends. It is a tribute to a player's dedication and prowess, delivering a tangible representation of their in-game achievements. This fantastic and dynamic reward system is available in two variations:

Crests and Loading Screen Borders.The Crests are the badges of honor that eloquently capture your competitive journey. As the player ascends the ranks, the crest morphs and evolves to reflect their current standing, serving as a visual representation of their rank. On the other hand, the Loading Screen Borders serve as an ever-present reminder of your current rank for the specific queue you're in. These ornate borders embellish your champion's portrait during the loading screen, presenting a silent yet powerful declaration of your standing in the game. In essence, the Ranked Regalia serves as a potent visual manifestation of your skill, commitment, and achievements. It's a gratifying pat on the back and a public accolade, demonstrating your success in the game. It's not just a symbol of your rank, but a badge of your passion, skill, and dedication to League of Legends.

Honor Rewards

League of Legends has always encouraged positive behavior among its players, and the Honor system is a big part of that. Honor Rewards in the 2023 Ranked Split 1 are another example of this approach to recognizing and rewarding players who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship. Players who earn Honor level 3 or higher by the end of Split 1 are eligible for specific awards. Those that genuinely embrace the spirit of League and accomplish Honor Level 5 will, however, be able to enjoy the uniqueness of the Three Honors skinline.

At Honor level 3, players are expected to receive Hextech Crafting rewards, which can include Key Fragments, Hextech Chests, or even Champion Shards. Reaching Honor level 4, the rewards become more enticing. Apart from the benefits from level 3, they can also earn a rare Honor level 4 Orb containing Blue Essence, Key Fragments, and potentially a free Champion Shard or Emote. Finally, for players who climb to Honor Level 5 by consistently exhibiting sportsmanship and positive behavior, the exclusive Three Honors skinline becomes accessible. This skinline is unique to each season, offering an exclusive reward for players to show off in-game. This year, the skin specifics are kept a surprise, but it's guaranteed to be a standout on the Rift!

Split Points

The Split Points system in League of Legends has been designed to make your ranked journey rewarding in more ways than one. For the 2023 Ranked Split 1, Riot Games has simplified the process, making it easier for you to keep track of your progress and understand what rewards lie ahead. As you accumulate these points, they are automatically added to a Split Progress Bar at the bottom of your Ranked page. The bar provides a visual indicator of your current point total and how close you are to the next reward. As you reach specific Split Point milestones, you instantly unlock the associated rewards. Riot simplified the Split Points earning method beginning with the 2023 Season. Whether you're into the solo/duo queue or joining up in flex, you're in for some rewards. Each victory now earns you 10 Split Points, while a loss, no matter how tragic, still earns you 6 Split Points. The path to earning rewards has never been so simple!

Season 2023 Split One Rewards

10 Split Points - Earn a Hextech Chest. Open it up for a chance at skins, champion shards, or other goodies.
40 Split Points - Get a Hextech Key. Use this to unlock your Hextech Chests.
80 Split Points -Unlock a random Ward Skin Shard to customize your ward in-game.
120 Split Points - Another Hextech Key comes your way.
160 Split Points - Flaunt your achievements with a Victorious Maokai Emote.
200 Split Points - Another Hextech Key for your collection.
240 Split Points - Unlock the K'Sante Permanent, a unique reward for your profile.
280 Split Points - Yet another Hextech Chest is yours.
320 Split Points - Show off with the Victorious Maokai Icon.
400 Split Points - Unlock a Mystery Emote, adding to your expressive options during the game.
480 Split Points - Gain another Hextech Chest for your inventory.
600 Split Points - Receive 500 Orange Essence, which can be used to upgrade your champion shards into permanent unlocks.
720 Split Points - Get a random S1 Eternals Capsule, offering a way to show off your accomplishments with specific champions.
800 Split Points - The ultimate reward of a Masterwork Chest. This contains higher-value loot compared to regular Hextech Chests, like rare skins and a higher chance of dropping Gemstones.

Victorious Skin Reward

From Season 2023 onwards, the desired Victorious skins can be obtained by merely participating in Ranked play, earning Split Points, and maintaining an Honor Level of at least 2! The amount of gameplay necessary, on the other hand, is determined by your position on the ranking ladder.For Iron, Bronze, and Silver ranks, you need 1600 Split Points for the Victorious skin. Gold and higher ranks only require 80 Split Points. However, if you drop below Gold rank, you'll need 1600 Split Points. Once unlocked, the Victorious skin is yours even if you get demoted, as long as it was unlocked before the demotion. If you start in Gold but don't reach 80 Split Points before being demoted, the target becomes 1600.This makes it possible for any player to get a Victorious skin!

Just remember: your Victorious skin chromas will be based on your final rank for that split, so there's always a good reason to test your limits and see just how high you can go!

As "League of Legends" 2023's Ranked Split 1 nears its conclusion, it's evident that Riot Games has further raised the competitive field with attractive rewards to match your skills. Their dedication to player recognition is evident in the Ranked Regalia, Honor Rewards, and redesigned Split Points system. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, your accomplishments will not go ignored. So, engage yourself in the game, climb the ranks, and let your competitive spirit be rewarded.

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