What is League of Legends Rank Boosting?

August 5, 2023

 Lol Rank Boosting is one of the most popular ways to rank up your account in 2023. This has become especially popular this year, although it was first serviced already back in 2013, players have been using this type of service to help them conquer the ranking ladder, climb to the next rank, or even start their journey with a higher win rate and rank after placement games. In this article, we're going to go through all the aspects of Lol Rank boosting, explain how it works and answer all the questions that players have regarding the service.

What is the average win rate for a player in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, matchmaking is meticulously created to pair players of the same skills and ranks to make the games fair to everyone. Consequently, the average win rate for the majority of players is around 50%. This percentage implies that, for every game they win, there's likely another that they lose, keeping them at a steady ranking. These are the usual win rates for an average player of League of Legends, it's normal that some players can have higher or lower win rates than 50%, we saw already players who can maintain 55% to 60% win rate till Diamond, but once you get to higher ranks, keeping your win rate higher than 50% win rate is always a super difficult task
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What is the average win rate for a booster in League of Legends?

Now, for Boosters the win rates are a completely different story. Boosters are League of Legends players, in the highest ranks of the game, such as Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, who have played League of Legends for years, maintaining their ranks always at the highest level of the ladder. Boosters generally maintain a win rate of 70-80%, if not higher. Their fantastic skills and knowledge about the game allow them to dominate games in lower and higher ranks easily. The top boosters in the boosting scene can maintain 90% win rate or even 100% if they duo with another booster.

How many players use LoL Rank boosting?

Quantifying the exact number of players using LoL Rank Boosting is challenging. But we can estimate that around 10% to 15% of players have used boosting services to help them on their placements or to climb to the next rank. This percentage is getting higher from 2013 to 2023, the ranked ladder of League of Legends is always harder once you get to higher ranks. Climbing the ranks take some time and players don't have the time to put so many hours in the game, for that reason players players tend to choose boosting services to give them that extra help.

Why do players use LoL Rank Boosting?

Lol Rank Boosting is a fantastic way for many players to improve their gaming experience. After an exhausting journey in the LoL solo queue, the majority of League of Legends players consider purchasing boosting services for end of split or end of season rewards, some players just want an extra help to raise their rank or to raise their MMR to leave the loser queue, this kind of service exists exactly for that, to help players reaching their goals during their League of Legends journey.

What is the LoL Rank Boosting Process?

For those considering this service, understanding the process is crucial. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

Selection: Players first choose a reliable boosting provider. They'll typically need to share their current rank and the rank they aim to achieve.
Agreement & Payment: Once the terms are clear, players will proceed with the payment.
Execution: There are two primary methods here:
Duo Queue: The player and the booster play together.
Solo Queue: The player allows the booster to access and play on their account.
Completion: Once the desired rank is secured, if the account was handed over, it's then returned to the player, often with some additional tips or guidance for maintaining or improving upon that rank.

What is the highest division that can be boosted?

Lol rank boosting can be used in any rank, most of the services offering Lol rank boost usually have options from Bronze to Master tier and some to Challenger which is the higher rank in League of Legends. Usually from Bronze to Diamond is where division boosting is most used, players also choose boosting options from Master and above, but most of players in these ranks use it just to don't decay or to keep the rank to receive end of split rewards.

How fast is LoL Rank Boosting?

The completion time of each order will depend on the specificications of the order you're purchasing and the option, if it's duo or solo. Usually boosters playing on solo orders can do a minimum of one or two division per day, this in lower ranks. When it comes to higher ranks such as Diamond and Master it take take a bit more, regarding duo orders they can take 30 to 80% longer because of schedule timers between the player and the booster, but duo rank orders completion time are always faster than you having to play solo all the games and climb the ladder without an extra help on your games. Using Lol rank boost or duo boost is always a faster option to climb the ranked ladder, if you play solo you won't have the results and the speed you will have while using boosting services.

In Conclusion:

Without a doubt, LoL Rank Boosting is a hot subject in the gaming world. While some players see it as a necessary security measure, others may see it as a shortcut that reduces the game's core. Regardless of individual preferences, it is vital for interested parties to be knowledgeable, point out safety, and use only reliable services. In the end, it all comes down to having fun with the game and improving your own gaming experience.

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