The Top Booster Legends for Duo Climbing in League of Legends

June 30, 2023

As someone who has spent many hours immersed in the fascinating world of League of Legends and lol boosting, I've learned to value the power of perfect synergy, especially when lol duo boost ranks with another booster. A well-coordinated team of champions can be the key to dominating your lane and possibly the entire game. I'm going to walk you through some of my favorite champion duos that, in my view, have excellent synergy and have led me to the super high win rates time and time again.

Miss Fortune and Leona

For the bot lane, we get the powerful duo of Miss Fortune and Leona. Miss Fortune, despite being soft, becomes a nightmare for opponents when combined with the tanky Leona, who can absorb a beating and stun opponents. When Leona enters the fray and uses her ultimate to stun the opponents, Miss Fortune's ultimate becomes a sure hit, raining destruction on immobilized foes. Despite this, Leona requires caution when engaging throughout the laning phase, and effective communication is essential for landing game-changing combo ultimates. Begin team fights with MF's Bullet Rain to slow down adversaries and prevent them from escaping Leona's lockdown.

Senna and Tahm Kench

Next, the clever combination of Senna and Tahm Kench, is often seen as the epitome of synergy in the current duo queue meta, for good reason. Senna provides Tahm Kench with extra movement speed, allowing him to engage enemies while being an unyielding frontline. They are an annoying matchup for enemy bot lanes due to their high damage output and mutual protection. Senna can heal Tahm, adding to their sustainability, and the crowd control from Tahm's ult paired with Senna’s Last Embrace is hard to deal with. Also, Tahm Kench can tank even more damage, thanks to his abilities and Senna's ultimate.

Jarvan IV and Galio

Jarvan IV and Galio are a fascinating duo for people who enjoy the action in their games. The power of this mid-jungle combo is in starting team fights. Their ultimates' synergy may wipe out rival teams in seconds. Jarvan's ultimate, followed by Galio's, can take opponents off guard and provide up opportunities for a quick victory. In addition, their crowd-control abilities may be extremely disruptive in team fights. Jarvan's Golden Aegis and Galio's taunts make it simpler for their team to profit from the mayhem that ensues.

Twisted Fate and Nocturne

Another unorthodox but highly effective duo is Twisted Fate and Nocturne. Once Nocturne initiates with his ultimate, Twisted Fate can teleport in and finish the job with his Gold Card stun. While not as popular this season 13, their high AP and AD damage, combined with their global presence, create immense pressure on the enemy team. This mid-jungle combination can dominate games, especially if they can coordinate their ultimates well.

Shen and Diana

Shen and Diana are a dynamic combo capable of inflicting devastation on the enemy lines. Playing this duo takes a thorough understanding of their abilities, but once mastered, their team-fighting brilliance is evident. They are capable of dealing a lot of damage, making them ideal for those that prefer tanky heroes. Diana's AP-focused build, along with Shen's defensive ultimate, has the potential to swing the tide of any team fight. This pair becomes practically unkillable, laying the groundwork for thrilling and rewarding gameplay.

Darius and Fiddlesticks

Lastly, Darius and Fiddlesticks. This season, they have become a terror duo, wreaking havoc across the rift. Darius’s straightforward playstyle, combined with Fiddlesticks’s disruptive abilities, makes for a deadly pair. All their combos should start with Fiddlesticks’ Reap, setting up Darius for easy kills. With Darius dealing massive damage and Fiddlesticks providing crowd control, this duo can easily take down enemies and control the flow of the game.

Closing, remember that this guide is based on my personal experiences as a booster and playing duo with other boosters, and the beauty of League of Legends lies in the vast roster of champions that Riot Games provides. Each champion comes with unique strengths, and part of the fun is discovering your own powerful duo combination. Champions like Lee Sin, with his high mobility and versatile kit, can also create fantastic synergies. Abilities like Braum's passive can create a chain of crowd control that leaves enemies helpless.However, the success of any duo largely depends on your coordination and understanding of each champion's abilities. Communication is paramount, and striking at the right time can turn the tides in your favor. Moreover, it's crucial to adapt to your enemies' strategies. Different matchups can necessitate different playstyles, even if you're playing the same champions.In my journey through League of Legends, I've learned that finding the right partner can be just as important as finding the right champion. The camaraderie and coordination that comes with duo climbing make the experience all the more enjoyable and rewarding. It also provides opportunities to learn from each other and improve your gameplay.In the end, duo climbing in League of Legends is about synergy, strategy, and, most importantly, enjoying the game.

So, whether you choose to command the battlefield with Miss Fortune and Leona, or reign chaos upon your enemies with Twisted Fate and Nocturne, remember to have fun. After all, isn't that why we all started playing in the first place? Now, armed with your favorite champion pairings and strategies, it's time to climb the ladder. Best of luck, summoners!

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