What is LoL Boosting?

June 10, 2023

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What is LoL Boosting?

League of Legends (LoL) boosting, also known as "elo boosting", is a structured, paid service within the gaming sphere that allows players to ascend the ranks in their gaming accounts. The main aim of the LoL boosting service is to improve the quality of the gaming experience for League of Legends players by helping them achieve higher rankings.

What kinds of LoL Boosting services exist?

In League of Legends, there exists solo boosting, solo win boosting, solo placement boosting, duo division boosting, duo game boosting, and duo placement boosting as the most prominent services. Each of these services is designed to facilitate an enriched gaming experience and seamless progression in the ranks.

Starting with solo boosting, it is a service designed for players who wish to elevate their rank without active participation. In this mode, the boosting service is granted control of the player's account, and an experienced booster navigates the gameplay, steering the account to higher ranks. This service is suitable for players who wish to advance in rank swiftly, without the need to invest substantial time and effort in gameplay.
Closely related is the solo win boosting service, which emphasizes securing victories in the ranked matches. In this case, the booster's task is not just to play the games but to ensure that these games translate into wins, leading to faster rank advancement.
Next, we have solo placement boosting. This service comes into play at the beginning of a season or when a player is first starting to play ranked games. The booster helps the player achieve the best possible placement in the initial matches, setting a positive tone for the rest of the season or their ranked journey.
On the other side of the spectrum, we have the duo boosting services, where players actively participate in the boosting process. Unlike solo boosting, in duo boosting, players team up with an expert booster to play the matches. This not only facilitates rank ascension but also provides an opportunity for players to learn from the booster's experience, honing their gameplay strategies.
Duo game boosting is a variant where the emphasis is on playing a specified number of games with the booster. The goal here isn't necessarily winning all games but rather gaining exposure to higher level gameplay and learning from the experiences and strategies employed during these matches.
Lastly, duo placement boosting follows the same principle as its solo counterpart but within a duo context. In this service, the player and the booster team up for the initial ranked games of the season, ensuring that the player secures a good standing from the outset.

To conclude, the variety of LoL boosting services available reflects the diverse needs of the player community. Whether you seek a passive boost in rank, a guided experience, or wish to ensure a strong start to your season, there is a boosting service designed to meet your needs, thus ensuring that the world of League of Legends remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

Who are boosters in League of Legends?

Boosters, as a rule, are often those who dedicate their lives to the game, demonstrating commitment at a professional level. Many are professional League players or upcoming LCS (League Championship Series) participants. The significance of boosters extends beyond the realm of individual player ranks. They contribute significantly to the vibrancy and survival of the League of Legends esports scene. By providing a mechanism for players to progress through the ranks more swiftly, boosters help to populate the higher tiers with competitive players, ensuring a steady stream of skilled individuals ready to engage in high-level play. This serves to enrich the overall gaming environment, fostering a more vibrant and dynamic community.

Why should you use LoL Boosting services?

In League of Legends, higher divisions are acknowledged for the mature and seasoned players they host, the reduced unpredictability in gameplay, and the heightened action they promise. It is widely agreed that gaming in these high ranks is more enjoyable and considerably less stressful compared to the lower ranks. Consequently, LoL boosting has gained widespread recognition as a valued service, increasingly employed by individuals who prize their time and gaming experience.
LoL boosting is especially beneficial for players who are currently below the Master tier. In these lower ranks, the gaming environment is often susceptible to a wide range of uncontrollable outcomes. This situation is worsened by limited monitoring of unfair players and game spoilers. Games in these lower ranks often have a high incidence of cheaters, scripters, smurfs, and individuals who intentionally disrupt the gameplay through various means, such as feeding or trolling.
Elo boosting presents a useful solution to these challenges. By assisting players to reach the higher tiers, it significantly reduces the occurrence of such negative elements. For instance, a player who has the skills required to be in the Diamond tier might find themselves stuck in the Gold tier for a long period due to disruptive elements in their games. LoL boosting provides these skilled players with the chance to move past these challenges and progress to the tier they should normally reside in.

A Time-saving Alternative to Monotonous Grinding

Elo boosting is not only an accelerator of rank progression but also a time-efficient alternative to the often demanding grind of rank advancement. The traditional route to advancing ranks usually requires long hours of gameplay, with repeated matches at the same level to collect the necessary points for progression. This process can be tedious and potentially frustrating, as a standard win rate to climb in Diamond in on average just a little bit over 50%. Elo boosting provides relief from this cycle. By tapping into the expertise of experienced boosters, players can quickly move up to higher ranks, saving time and improving the overall gaming experience.

It is important to note that if a player loses a match due to the actions of an unfair player, the fault does not lie with them - their skill level should have ensured a win. This understanding forms the basis of elo boosting services. Millions of players globally have benefitted from elo boosting, elevating their accounts to a higher rank, and thereby, enjoying a far more enjoyable gaming experience. The opportunity is now available for you to enjoy this privilege, to enhance your gaming journey, and to truly appreciate the world of League of Legends as it is intended.

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